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  1. I thought it was only the 00-02 corolla that didnt have a manual. Anywho, a manual for 97-02 is due to be published in June 06. http://www.haynes.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/...15109&langId=-1
  2. OK...but was it scary? I like the **** scared out of me..
  3. Been there done that...:) I would think its most likely to do with Sunday Trading Laws. They can only trade for 6 hours on a Sunday, so they close on Saturday before midnight........why 10pm I have no idea.
  4. You can buy Touch up kits....but I'm not sure how good they claim out to be, especially when matching the original colour.
  5. P1 k-polyurethane I should think. That's the tube that came with my OEM spoiler anyway..
  6. 27-31mpg urban........41 on short motorways. Wouldn't harm anyone if you checked your tyre pressures too...:)
  7. Did u really have to requote with the images a 2nd time? :o....
  8. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Remove the three rotational heater controls by pulling towards you. Underneath there are two Philips head screws to remove. Also pull off towards you the plastic end piece of the air control lever and be ready to catch the small piece of transparent plastic that will fall out. This is the bit that lights up when the external lights are switched on. Pull out the ash tray at the bottom of the console and use the upper part of the hole to give you a grip on the bottom of the panel. Pull the panel towards you and you should find that it starts to come away from the bottom. A steady continual pull will free the panel from the hidden clips that secure it in place. At the top the panel appears to be fitted under the surrounding trim. Place your fingers behind the console panel and gently ease the panel out from the trim above it. You will find it easier to do this if the air vent panel has been removed first – this allows the trim to flex more easily and makes getting the panel out a simpler job. On the rear of the panel there are several wiring connectors in the back of the switches. Removing the connectors from the switches will allow you to put the panel to one side while you continue. The lidded box is held in place with a bracket on each side and the each bracket is fixed to the car with two screws – one top and one bottom. Using a phillips screwdriver remove the screws and withdraw the box. The brackets are attached to the box with two more phillips screws – again mark the bracket so you know where the screws came from.[thanks to ae111sr]
  9. Since we are on the topic of headunits, anyone own or had experience of Pioneer DEH-P4800MP? Can't find any reviews online since it's so new.Cheers
  10. That looks sweet! The bird sitting in the tree by your car is just waiting to do a sh*t.
  11. Howdy! Thought I'd start off the new sub forum with a new topic:) Anywho, what's the best wax/polish for metallic finishes that most of you use? Looking for polishes that are easy to apply and last for a long time.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOYOTA-COROLLA-OWNER...1QQcmdZViewItem
  13. londoner


    Nice...but for some reason, I kept having this feeling that Davina McCall would jus pop out from nowhere? :P
  14. Keep it a secret please, but I am George Galloway's love child....
  15. I think you are missing a 0 on the end... :)
  16. Does it have to be the OEM one? You can get a nice bee sting one or alternatives on Eeeeee-Bay. :)
  17. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/product_test/...rsing_aids.html Good choice btw....It got 5 stars!
  18. I'm not a car thief nor know much about breaking into cars....however!...I saw a program on how easy it is for a person to break in using certain "tools". It was shocking. Breaking in is obviously relatively easy. To bypass the alarm and immobiliser is another story. If you make your car unattractive to thieves and also implement security features, then you should be ok. (and i didn't mean painting your car pink with yellow dots) :-)If someone really wanted your car, they will have it. Anyway, I don't think many Toyota's are on a thiefs top 10 list.
  19. http://www.kandn.com/instructions/57I-9001.pdf
  20. ^^ I bought mine from there, good price, and next day delivery :D Hey doggy, what do you think of the Pioneer deh-p7700mp? I hear it doesn't come with a storage case thou ? Get yourself an Alpine 9853R thats what ive got, highly recommended, especially if you have an Ipod to connect £200? :o You can buy a metro and 256 furry dice with that:p
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