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  1. ^^ I bought mine from there, good price, and next day delivery :D Hey doggy, what do you think of the Pioneer deh-p7700mp? I hear it doesn't come with a storage case thou ?
  2. Theres a nice tutorial by K&N on the net somewhere. I only have a print out, but the kit no. is 57-0633
  3. MAF sensor? Your car will run too rich. It's put there for a reason ;)
  4. AE92 It'll never let u down.... BUT it aint VVTI.. And its a pretty PRE 2000 model id say.. what model? and what year do u recommend? I wouldnt recommend the 00-02 corolla if you are planning on modding it (unless u go cutom). Parts are like hens teeth, but it's a great car overall
  5. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/index.php also Halfords.. are currently doing offers on JVC units.
  6. Just a suggestion...:) (couldnt get smaller wheels-these are 17's)
  7. So where do your friend sit now? On the roof? :P
  8. http://www.photobucket.com/ Sign up and you can store all your images in an album for free(host them too)
  9. noooo not media player 10.......9 is much better:)
  10. I don't know about the weather in your area and the gritting of roads, but I think chrome wheels are an unwise investment, unless you are prepared to polish them at least every week and use them only in summer. anyway, MEGUIARS Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner and then Luster Lace Luster Seal to seal it off is my choice, but I think there are better wheel cleaners out there than meguiars.
  11. Have you checked that part of the wheel arch liner hasn't come loose?
  12. Do you recommend a certain brand or type? And if it's not available at most auto stores, where could I get it? ← Have you tried posting in TOC USA?You might get a better response from owners there :)
  13. Hi, hope this hasn't been posted already. :)
  14. Did u see the person do it? I would of run them over!
  15. Howdy, since you didn't specify what year, these are engine bays for the 00-02 1.4's. The colour collection (02+) is different.
  16. currently getting around 27mpg in my cold urban area.. :(
  17. Sounds like a tricky job to do - I am thinking of getting a professional in. ← I pm'd you earlier. I think the pre facelift had the main connections at the top. If you have the facelifted one, then u should be able to fit in either.
  18. What year is it and are you talking about the 3dr or 5dr?
  19. I take it you can't delete your own threads :o
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