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  1. Yep it's chain driven, although it can be difficult to locate the ruddy thing. I personally think the chain will outlive your ownership of the car. More importantly, I'd get the oil checked ;)
  2. But don't be fooled by crap sold on some auctions.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/98-04-TOYOTA-COROLLA...1QQcmdZViewItem :)
  3. Get your chassis number and see if your dealer can help you out?goodluck
  4. You called the RAC over that? It sounds like you were burning the clutch out...cuz theres no way you can hold the car at biting point in 3rd gear.
  5. londoner

    Alarm Probs

    e. Disable it Who takes notice of alarms these days?(unless your driving with it going off :D Sorry for the useless reply:)
  6. Maybe on a skyline....but not a corolla....
  7. It's certainly much more easier and less tiring to drive for such a big thing
  8. Looks mint! Very nice..Where abouts in Phil are you from?
  9. lol...I did that.I don't know any other ways apart from refitting it again.
  10. If it's foggy or there is very poor visibility..use them. Otherwise...turn them off! Yes it is an offence. There are a number of people that believe fog lamps (mostly front) are "cool" when turned on in normal driving conditions. Cool?....i'm not sure why, annoying?, deffo.
  11. Mine are fine. Do your windows fog up real bad overnight? I can't think why else they have rusted so prematurely. What reg is yours?
  12. :o man-bing hasn't responded yet...and it's an audio question?:o
  13. Maybe if everyone emails them, they might get the hint?:) Email them here!
  14. Just bought some tyres too and awaiting to be fitted. My Tyres are good, but it may also be worth checking topgear.co.uk, which I found to be cheaper.
  15. oi oi! What have you been up to then? :P
  16. Very good, but a bit too soft hence more than average tyre wear?
  17. Thanks for that. I jus thought it was the servers job to do that :)
  18. I thought I was goin mad ....but no!Seems like the timestamps are all 1hr ahead.
  19. Goodluck! Was this this an impulse buy?
  20. oh it's brand new?? What the hell...Did Stevie Wonder work on the assembly line or something? Take it back where you got it from.
  21. HPI check will check a cars history, amongst other things.........an Inspection report. ie previous crash damage
  22. Yeah you could be right. Is there an equivalent of the HPI check we have in UK for Portugal?
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