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  1. Reverse sensors What do you guys think? I'm a bit divided about it..
  2. They always turn up frequently on Ebay....
  3. link hereI think I'm gonna go for the pioneer DEHP6700MP. Although I'd ideally like the Alpine, my budget is a bit tight at the mo and the Pioneer unit has way more feautres. I take it Caraudiodirect is the main place for decent priced ICE?
  4. Looks like a cool looking hoover..Dyson watch out... :D
  5. Ouch...Nice unit thou!........ Shudda gone to specsavers mate:)
  6. Yes...I remember people carrying their headunits around like handbags....good ol days :) Done a quick shortlist of these... Pioneer DEH4700MPdeh4700mp Pioneer DEH-P5700MPp5700mp Pioneer DEH-P6700MPp6700mp Alpine CDE-9843R cde9843r Alpine CDE-9845RB9845RB I like the fact that the first Pioneer unit allows you to angle the fascia; particularly useful if it positioned low down. So far, I am favouring the Alpine CDE-9845RB. Is there any difference between 45w and 50w power output in terms of sound quality. (presuming I am using stock speakers for now)? Cheers Dave
  7. Doh! I never thought of that.... Looks like most people here own a pioneer or Alpine HU.
  8. I may just upgrade the speakers later, but I don't plan to keep the corolla for that long to warrant an amp. Hoping to get a celica sometime down the line... :)
  9. Thanks Bling...By customizable, I mainly mean the illumination, which I think Alpine usually do. EQ and bass control would be useful. Not too worried about pre outs . Overall good sound quality is what I'm after. :D
  10. Hi all. Jus wondering if owners here could narrow down my choices for an MP3 CD headunit.(single DIN) There are so many to choose from, that I don't know where to begin! Requirements are.. 1. Budget of £120 2. Has to support mp3's 3. Customizable 4. Removable front fascia 5. Lot's of features :D Cheers (Oh, and should most units support the Toyota DIN Mountings?)
  11. Hey and welcome Dovlagsi :) Umm...how did u manage to get a pioneer unit into that slot. I'm sure the plastic surround will overlap the fron fascia?
  12. Sorry, thats a really bad pic, but yeah I don't think they are similar. The trip is digital on mine for starters and doesn't have that strip down the middle.. It might be different on pre 2001 models, I'm not sure, sorry bud. (ahh.. my ultra low mileage :) )
  13. I'll take a pic an post it up later tonight. (that's around 9hrs time :))Looking it now, it looks very similar apart from the units of course.
  14. If anyone has one in good working order, then I'll happily pay for it. Cheers, D
  15. MODEL NUMBER - 08601-00907 REF NUMBER - CX-CS0820FA Cheers,D
  16. I should think so...I only use Bosch blades and they do packs with one blade longer than the other. Can't remember which side, but I think it's the one with the spoiler on it.
  17. The bottom clusters are both red for either side. How does this work out if there is only one red fog light on one side and one reverse light?
  18. This has been around on cardomain for ages, but the best 4door ae111 I've seen yet...
  19. Back looks a bit like a pulsar. Other than that, it looksa bit scary. Especially that front mesh....You can go fishing with that!
  20. "If it ain't broke...don't fix it!" Try jacking it up more and pulling harder?? Sorry I don't seem much help, but isn't that common sense? :)
  21. http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/filters_test/2/ Reviews four mainstream filters
  22. If its the welding on top thats putting you off, I think it's the norm. I have the same on mine. I'll take a pic tomorrow if I can..
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