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  1. Use imageshack: http://www.imageshack.us/index.php
  2. By the sounds of it, it sounds like you have a serious leak somewhere, which can't be stopped by leak sealers. Have you tried looking where its leaking from?
  3. Lol...You are askin of a corolla is reliable?
  4. You mean hammering nails into tyres deliberately or life cover for tyres? :D
  5. http://www.dumpalink.com/media/1124194315
  6. Currently on Dunlop's SP Sport 2000. Ride is smooth and quiet but totally crap in the wet.
  7. http://www.installdr.com/Harnesses/Toyota-Wiring.pdf http://www.installdr.com/InstallDocs/Toyota/PDF/869001.pdf Hope this helps Dave
  8. Sounds like the exhaust to me. I had that noise in my old car and it drove me crazy where it was coming from. I'd check where the exhaust runs from the engine manifold to the backbox..does it run on the passengers side?
  9. It's a bit too early for me to say. Only had it a few days. But going from a 1.3 to the 1.4vvti, it seems alot more responsive. Forgot to take into consideration your driving style. cheers
  10. Hi...I'm no expert either, but I'm sure your friend is on some sort of illegal medication. :) The 1.4 does more mpg than the 1.6, but obivously has slightly less bhp. As for the differences, the 1.6 has more trim levels like GLS where you get CD player and electric sunroof etc. Don't expect an over enthusiastic response on here either, as it seems the 00-02 community is rather small. :(
  11. lol are you serious? Of course you can. The last place to recommend, but Halfords do sets of 4. Cable ties optional.Oh and spinner hub caps look cack...:)
  12. http://www.rochfordtyres.co.uk/Fitment.asp?psearch=Toyota http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Alloyboy-co-uk_Wh...1QQftidZ2QQtZkm http://www.mcgard.com/automotive/
  13. It seems as though the corolla 00-02 is a small minority :( So how did ya fit it Whizz? You prob cant make use of the pods button at the top for tape/cd select i'm guessing?
  14. Hi, I don't mean to hijack the thread, but do the measurements mentioned on here apply to my 1.4 Vida Liftback (5dr 00 model). I don't plan on lowering it either. Cheers Dave (and does no one on here own a (00-02) 5dr liftback?
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