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  1. I bought a TOYOTA Fob Stopper pouch to keep the key in when you park and lock the car, helps prevent your keys being cloned (so I am told)
  2. exactly the same problem on our Cross Excel
  3. Hi its on our 2021 Yaris Cross My T App, you can remotely start the car for 10/15/20 mins ...The TEMP will be what it was set to when you last set it in the car. It does work, I tried it one very frosty morning in January for 10 mins and it did clear all the ice from the screen.
  4. We got our Yaris Cross Excel in Decuma Grey just over 4 months ago, its a lovely car, had no problems with it all so far. Very nice driving position, quiet in town traffic in EV mode and very quick and smooth on take off which we find particularly usefull at busy roundabouts. Such a pity to hear that they have discontinued the blue colour, especially as there is an excellent video review on You Tube featuring the blue coloured model. Just thought I would put in my 10p worth too, as they would say in Bullseye ...this is what you could have had 🙂 Glad to hear that you are still considering having a Toyota, all our family currently have a total of 5 Toyota cars between us, and I dont recall over the last 10 years or so ever any member of the family having an issue with any ..apart from an occasional puncture (which even then the dealer has repaired foc)
  5. Our Yaris cross operates wireless to use the phone and apple car play , I have a usb stick loaded with music that I plug into the USB socket in the car. works very well hope that helps
  6. Bought ours in September, finally delivered on 31 12 2021, yes our 9 in screen has exactly the same problem, which is almost 3 mnths now, have given up with it it doesnt seem to make any difference being logged in as a guest. the message goes if you leave it on the screen. The myT app records all the mileage, journeys, estimated MPG, use of EV mode etc so it doesnt seem to make a lot of difference that I have noticed. Hopefully when the car is due its 10,000 mile service later this year the dealer can sort it out.
  7. We had one of those NEW and it was NOT an option on 1.0 engine variant
  8. press and hold home button top left and it will turn off ... took me a while to work that one out.. nice car enjoy!
  9. It certainly is possible its actually in the handbook, cant exactly remember where ..think its in the settings options on the steering wheel. Im sure someone else will reply before I get he handbook out.
  10. No remote charging on our Yaris Cross Excel ..which has the 9in screen.
  11. I remember now it had snowed/ sleet in the night and then frozen onto the windscreen last month, I used the app from the bedroom window and started it for 10 mins, when I went out to it a little later all the screen was defrosted, so no Ice scraping required.
  12. It certainly does work on our new Yaris cross excel you can set it to start the car from the app for a minimum of 10 minutes. It maybe dependent on having the 9inch screen that the excel has as standard.
  13. you could invest in one of these little storage bins that fits in a cup holder, useful for loose coins for parking meters and shopping trolleys.
  14. Interesting Question I had the same experience when driving our Yaris Cross (with LED headlights ) for the first time in darkness, I lowered them to 2 and it seems to have stopped the problem.
  15. I use this title wax headlight cleaner every couple of weeks on my freelander which does seem to keep the lens nice and shiny. It costs around £6 inc delivery on Amazon.
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