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  1. Leaving Bluetooth ON on my mobile seems to work for me. Every time I start the car, my profile gets loaded perfectly now.
  2. Did the warning disappear on MyT. I just had my car delivered couple of days ago and the warning is still showing up in the app.
  3. Hi all, Sales man trying to sell these insurance products - GAP, SMART and TYRE & ALLOY insurance. Do I need all of them? Would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.
  4. Thanks a million all for your advises. I'm looking forward to the day. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, I'm picking up my first new car - Corolla Saloon in UK from the dealer in a couple of weeks. Would appreciate it if you can provide some guidance on what to check while picking up the new car from the dealer. Thank you.
  6. My Corolla Saloon Design arrived at Portbury today. Looking forward to pick it up from the dealers in a few weeks.
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