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  1. If it's the same when the engine is not running then I'm inclined to what Puglet said regarding the gear stick selector/linkage and possible stretched cables.
  2. Could be the clutch isn’t fully disengaging. What is it like when the engine isn’t running? I remember a mate with the same problem, he could go through all the gears with ease with the engine off but when running he had to force them in. Turned out the clutch cable had stretched and wasn’t allowing full disengagement a quick adjustment cured the problem. Just a thought.
  3. Quite common fault from what I've read. Here is a link to a YouTube video that covers all you need to know.
  4. When my string went missing I made one from a boot lace, just put a loop on one end to hook on the tailgate and a small plasic cap on the other to stop it going through the hole in the shelf. I didn't fancy paying for something so simple, the wife says I'm tight but I'm just careful really.
  5. That's correct they have the structural integrity of a wet chrisp.
  6. I think it's a case of slackening the alternator bolts, it is on our 2013 mk 1 as far as I know.
  7. We have a 2013 mk1 and often drive the 250ish miles from Prestatyn in North Wales to North Walsham in Norfolk. I do 150ish miles to Grantham, have half hour break then back on the road for the last 150ish miles. I arrive OK and I do have a lower spinal problem, I do have constant pain but it's no worse following the journey. The seats are fine for us but I hear the mk2 seats are better.
  8. Had some spare time today to check filter and it was clear. I measured the OCV resistance with engine cold and it was 7.6 ohms but when the engine was hot it was 8.7 ohms, coolant temp 83 degrees C. I know temp will alter the resistance of a coil so not sure what to make of that yet without a little more research. Might just change the valve anyway when I can find a supplier, don't fancy buying from ebay as I've found it to be full of fake or poor quality goods. The car is running fine again for now with no unwanted lights so that's good, for now. Will report back with any news.
  9. Thanks for that Bob that makes sense, I've measured it and it comes in at 8.2 ohms. I know I've no need to change the oil to do the OCV filter but I will be doing a service the week after next so unless something drastic happens it will wait till then as we've just moved home and so busy. Been out again this morning and the light(s) have remained off and the car ran normal so will see what condition the filter is in when I remove it, is the filter something that will clean or is it a case of replacing it ? I will update when I get to it shortly and many thanks. Dave.
  10. Hi there, strange occurance yesterday. I was doing 60ish on the A55 when the VSC light came on along with the car on skid marks symbol and the check engine light. The car still drove normal and so I came off the 55 at the next junction and parked up and turned car off. I restarted it with no problems and the only light remaining was the check engine light, I had my Bluetooth scanner in the glove box so scanned it with the Torque app and got the code P0011. I know what the code relates to and possible causes but I am puzzled what it has to do with the VSC and why the VSC goes off when I turn the car off and only the check engine light stays on with code P0011. Anyway I cleared the code and drove where we needed to be and then home, around 60 miles and it hasn't come back on yet. Now this also happened in January with exactly the same results but I did have the control valve out and tested / cleaned it and since then the car has done around 2000 miles before it happened again yesterday. I did have a look at the live data back in January but only after I'd cleaned the control valve and the advance was working fine as was it yesterday after I'd cleared the code. I didn't think to check the data when the fault was there as I was more concerned with getting going again. The car runs fine and the oil still looks amber in colour but I do change it every year and is due this month and will have done about 5000 miles. I will check the filter in the oil feed to the valve on the next service incase that is dirty etc. If anyone has any idea why the VSC light would come on along with code P0011 then it would be of great interest. Oh by the way the car has done 63000 miles and since I've owned it for two years has been serviced every year and runs perfect. Sorry for the long post and many thanks in advane.
  11. That's something I had'nt thought about so will have to do some calculations. The batteries weigh 2.15KG each and can be removed and carried in the boot and I can remove the seats from each bike but that's about it really. I am not sure yet what the max nose weight is for the Aygo but I suspect it's around 50KG like the Yaris according to what I found on a website earlier. If that's the case then I don't see this as an option to be honest, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  12. We were hoping to get two 20inch folding electric bikes in the rear of ours but it's just not an option. Although they will phyisically go in through the hatch their weight is too much to lift through without the possibility of damage to either the car, bikes or my back. They weigh 21kg each and the opening through the hatch is too tight to guide them through with any precision due to the weight. If I had another person to help then maybe it could be done without any damage but my wife is disabled and can't lift. We are now considering a rear carrier that mounts on a towbar as a towbar is available for this purpose only, not approved to tow trailer as you all probably know.
  13. I managed 55.6 mpg on a 500 mile round trip with our 63 plate mk1, I too was hoping for more but to be honest I don't nurse it so can't complain. There great little cars and I have little doubt if driven lightly more mpg could be obtained but where's the fun in that. 😁
  14. Recently did a 500 mile round trip from Prestatyn to North Walsham in Norfolk, no motorway mainly dual carrageway A55, A500, A52, A17, A149, A148 basically straight across and shortest route and got 55.6 MPG. Was expecting a little more but considering two adults and a very large case on board and wasn't hanging about speed wise, limit where safe to do so I guess it's not too bad. My Aygo has 62,000 on the clock and regulary serviced, I use 5W40 oil as it runs a little quieter.
  15. Exhaust putty is'nt recommended pre cat as it can get blown into the cat and knacker it. I remember a while ago advised to use high temp silicon on joints pre cat if needed as it stays in place and won't break up. This might work in your case but it would be best fitting if without if possible, just a thought.
  16. I use the Torgue Lite app on my Android phone or tablet its a free app, there is also the pro version for a small charge. The free version does all I've ever needed so I don't know what you get extra on the pro version. Gives live data and I found it very useful when I got a P0011 code as I could see the state of timing advance when it occured. Give it a try, it's free and nothing to loose only a little time.
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