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  1. The system was bled but no fluids changed as not deemed necessary. No it was taken to an independent garage, i wouldn't take a used car to main dealerships as they tend to be extremely £££ Thanks for the advice all, was hoping someone had comes across this exact issue and knew the cure!
  2. Well the garage actually bled the system themselves, so i'm assuming they did that correctly... besides the issue returned immediately after so very unlikely its an issue with air in the system. Thanks though
  3. Hi all. I'm hoping you can offer a bit of advice. I recently purchased a 2014 Yaris which has 24k on the clock... had been running fine until 2 weeks ago when I noticed that after leaving the car overnight the clutch pedal had lost a lot of resistance/pressure and I had to pump it up 6/7 times to get it feeling normal and be able to select gears. I've had the whole system bled and the issue persists. The garage is now suggesting that the slave cylinder *could* be the cause and im looking at a bill of around £400 to get it replaced. However they have also admitted that this may not solve the issue and it could well be the master cylinder.... Both cylinders have been checked and are said to be as dry as a bone/no signs of leakage anywhere, and strange given the low milage on the car. Has anyone in here had a similar problem with their yaris that could offer some advice? Much appreciated
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