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  1. I would find one off of the grille of something newer and make that work. You will probably have to cut/file/shave the back to suit. It will be a lot easier to source. My nickname is Bodge....
  2. Had this since 2016. Proper workhorse. Coming up to 250000 miles.
  3. !Removed! hell! That is some going! Balls. Didn't even think that word was considered swearing these days.
  4. Mine is a 04/05 Avensis T25. The barrel is easy to get out. I lubed mine a few times from the keyway but it didn't help for long. In the end I pulled it out, blew it through thoroughly with electrical cleaner and wd40. (Or whatever it was I had to hand, possibly carb cleaner) The key needs to be in the barrel to remove it. Just doing that took me longer than removing/cleaning and reinstalling the barrel. Due to this I would recommend doing it now when you can get the key in. Still fine two years on.
  5. Good choice. I love my old Avensis. I grew up with Toyota and have owned 4 myself. They are great cars. I am also a newb here. What Avensis do you have? Mine is a T25 estate with the 1cd-ftv (I think. Just had a brain !Removed!...). It is now coming up to 250000 miles.
  6. As others have said, really check under the carpets, the boot floor and down in the rear quarters if you can. Bad seals, blocked or disconnected/never connected drains can be a major issue. I have seen a brand new BMW that was soaked inside due to a sunroof drain that wasn't connected when the car was built. These things are more common than you would think. Also check you aren't losing any coolant. If you are and the sound deadening under the carpet is the same colour as your coolant you have a heater core related issue.
  7. Did you mean mine Tony? 11 years. It was looked after well. But it had lived in Lithuania for a few years and spent 8 years going back and forward between Kaunas and London. It had some interesting repairs done whilst in Kaunas. We achieved this the other day on a run to Lincoln.
  8. 54 plate Avensis Estate D4D. 1cd-ftv 250000miles. About 60000 with myself since 2016. Workhorse. 3 big toolboxes, vehicle spares, woodworking tools, bench etc permanently in it. Used as a van. I cannot even say if the seats are up down, haven't seen them in a while... Over 80mpg reasonably regularly. We live in a county with no Motorways so long journeys tend to be stuck in 56mph traffic. Around town, mainly speed bumps, I have seen it drop below 40mpg.
  9. I have been thinking of doing this for a while now. Does anyone know the alternative belt to bypass the compressor on a T25 1cd-ftv? Cheers. Marc
  10. I am having the same issue with my 1cd-ftv. I haven't got split climate control. All of my flaps appear to be in order, but I cannot say this 100% Any suggestions anyone? Cheers. Marc.
  11. My 1cd-ftv is coming up to 250000 miles and it feels like it. Mind you, I am to blame. I haven't really done the maintenance and I do like to make progress on my journeys. It has also been an absolute work horse.
  12. What Engine? On the 1cd-ftv the timing belt tensioner or belt jump can cause the crank position sensor to complain. Sorry, just saw your engine code... Maybe a similar issue with yours.
  13. My 2004 Avensis used to do this. I removed the lock button from my key. No more issues.
  14. If you have a multimeter open up the fuse box and check any unused fuse locations for 12v power. You can often see where there are spare connectors. If you find one you can run a live with an inline fuse from that.
  15. If you are a nervous driver then which ever car gives you the best visibility would be the way to go. Either of your choices will be fine on the motorway speed wise.
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