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  1. I have owned 2014 aurus excell for the past year and I totally agree with daddy baddy post . I wish I had bought one sooner so smooth and easy to drive
  2. Sorry for late reply but been busy and on hols . I will give the relay thing a try and let you know thanks to all fir your help
  3. Hi all , my mrs as a 2005 mk1 yaris and the other day the electric fan came on . She was only driving local and the weather was not to hot and neither was she stuck in traffic . I have checked coolant level and they seem ok .She did get a engine light on saying coolant temp bank 1 or something very similar .I was thinking of changing the thermostat ,would this help ? Also where on the car is the coolant sensor ? many thanks
  4. Thankyou for all your reply’s just one other thing does the electric motor supplement the engine when driving or does it just provide solely electric power when in ev mode .Hope that makes sense !
  5. Hi All need to ask the following. I bought an auris 2014 Hybrid in June last year ,overall I am happy with it except the winter mileage averaging 44mpg as opposed to 55 summer ,that’s the best I got .Anyway in starting the engine revs like most other cars first thing in a morning ,high ti get warmed up .My car seems to have quite revs even after driving a while when the engine kicks in .Is this normal? I would have thought that the revs would calm down when engine is warm . Any thoughts would help ,this is my first hybrid thanks
  6. Hi all , new member here and happy to be here hope I done this post correctly !
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