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  1. I thought far too long in getting the camery. The ES was out of my price range, so ruled that out. On a test drive, however, both cars were the same and both come highly recommended.
  2. Well guys, as you all know, my corolla is a bit of a let-down. i missed the boat when my first choice of car came up and have to now live with regret for the delay in getting hold of one of the Toyota camrys it was a classic car in the nineties 2.5 6 cylinder or 3 litres and for me the very best in auto. it was good to see the car care nut take delivery of his as it's still available but not here oh, well, that's life. The car nearest to the 2.5 camry is the Lexus es 2.5 like he, himself, found at the end of the clip poor workmanship in a few areas just like myself
  3. i can't see anything, mike. Our dealer has around 20 new cars waiting to go out, and they all seam to be chrome i don't mind mine being a little odd, it will go with the rest of the odd things about the car and will have to get used to them all
  4. iv'e just purchased a corolla 1.8 and the quality of external build is well below the standard over Mazda and Lexus. It is not slow however, in fact it's very fast, so much so i turned down the 2 litre version as i could not make out any difference between the two. As for the reliability of the Toyota range, in general it will probably be as expected and with the 10-year warranty the overall winner. As for the dealership service staff that's always going to a hit or miss, mostly miss but that's life in the UK
  5. i have spoken to my Japanese contact in Japan, and he has stated that the corolla in Japan is built traditionally with engine cover and bonnet mat. The main reasons for this are due to Japanese perfectionist philosophies like Kaizen and the ability to procure better quality parts. it is also painted with quality paint the same as a Lexus that's true for sure once again good old Japan 🙂
  6. Hence, all the Lexus range of cars are finished not only correctly, but well finished at that. And that's the bottom line
  7. Spot on Tony, the car is an unfinished product and no way if i were the chief executive would this be out on the roads. And as matt the chief is English and an accountant that to highlights that he hasn't a clue this car would never have passed in Japan as it stands
  8. it's a weird colour to me, but what do i know. Not much, that's for sure
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