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  1. ZZ231-Celica ZZ123=Corolla
  2. Every car that has an in tank fuel pump does have a fuel filter right off the fuel pump, I will change all together the main fuel filter and the one inside the tank, while you are at the fuel pump, you need to check if the voltage of the fuel pump is within the specs and also, you need to check your fuel pressure from the fuel rail.
  3. I do have it on my car as I sell them at my store. CATZ HID Rising White 4500K H7. Enrique
  4. I bought them before taking delivery and to my surprise, they were the ones that came with the car. Denso Iridium IK20.
  5. hahahahahaha, thanks God, mine is already in transit to me from Japan.
  6. You don't need to go to the Stealership, just buy them locally. Denso Iridium IK20.
  7. That car is not light at all. I have a customer that has an S2000 in our road racing championship here in Panama, the car weights 2700lbs and can weight in that class 2100lbs.
  8. If you want to do all 3, I suggest you to save your $$$$ until you got enough to cover for all 3, the reason why is because, if you do it all at 1 time it will be just one charge for labor, if you do it afterwards you will have to pay again to take out the tranny. LSD=TRD.
  9. A big project a flywheel and a clutch????????????????? you got to be kidding my friend.
  10. Thanks!!! Looks really great. What is the wheelsize on this car? Could you give me part no. for these springs, as I'll compare them with the ones available in Poland? Or, can you confirm they're all the same around the world? 1st
  11. I spent an hour on msn with you, explaining all the pros an cons, next time please do not make me waste me time.
  12. that is an old picture, it does have both as we speak.
  13. Wheels 18x7.5 et44 225/35/18 Eibach 8271.140
  14. Imek: Out of the 10 Tsports that are in Panama, 8 of them are running my Eibach Springs and the look and performance is top notch.
  15. Nic: Very nice review, this topic is like comparing apples to oranges. one thing though, the TS does not weights 1655kg, it weights 1260kg. As a matter of fact, I weighted my car with my racing scales and it came bone stock with an empty tank to: 1230kg=2706lbs. Mine is 5 doors.
  16. Bobby please pay attention before you reply. I never said that I'm the sole importer, I said that I'm direct with them as well as Autocentro. As far as the quote, I do not quote over here, if you want, call me to my office and I will quote you. Enrique
  17. I used to when in my early years but now, I'm direct with Toyo and Hankook.
  18. Pura Vida Mae. I'm the TRD/TTE importer for Panama Central America. If you need anything from either company just email me and I will hook you up. crazy4@cwpanama.net Enrique, Crazy4Cars Racing TRD/TTE Panama
  19. Why do you say that? You don't know their culture. Maybe for us in Panama it could be odd but not for them.
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