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  1. I also have the same problem running a tin of bg244 through it to see if it helps? Car runs fine no loss of oil or water just the red arrow display behind me.
  2. 2007 rav4 t180 110k miles. I get alot I mean alot of white/blue smoke after being stuck in traffic. I have been out on 200+ mile run and nothing at all. But as soon as I hit traffic the smoke starts for about a minute or 2 then clears. It runs perfect no oil or water lose and seems very random about how many times it happens. Some weeks I can happen every day on my 20mile trip to and from work. Other times it can go for weeks without a puff. I have started using some fuel additive and it seams a bit better but as soon as I fill up on cheep fuel the smoke starts again at random. Any ideas or common faults/fixes for this? Thanks
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