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  1. have a Japanese Import Hiace (it says on the V5), from model no: E-RCH41W-GRSGK-Y research I have done it seems to be a Regius. Although registered uk 1999, may not be the exact year, but not far off I don't think.

    I need to source a near-side front passenger seat belt assembly.  Current one has disintegrated just in time for MoT! Been trying for 2 weeks but cannot source one, even from nationwide scrappie search sites.  Does anyone have one I could purchase or know where I can source one.   Failing that a solution to an alternative that will get it through it's MoT? There is a label on the strap of the belt assembly with codes model no: TK-AB2-F1464-P product ident no: 0226

    I understand you can get repro 'retro' ones maybe but they don't have the airbag sensors etc that plug into the original one.  Would this matter, would it pass an MoT with this alternative (and lose wires?  Guess a light on the dashboard will come on if not connected? affect airbag operation? can these legally be disconnected?

    Great van would be heartbroken to have to scrap it over a seatbelt!

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