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  1. You asked the same question on the Sera forum and I answered it there. I notice you've not been back to check.
  2. The Toyota Electronic Parts Catalogue which can be found on the net includes the Sera, mostly in English with a few minor exceptions. Drivers Handbook and Workshop manuals - only in Japanese. I can provide it in pdf form.
  3. Reynard 883-Toyota F3 car. Ex-Rickard Rydell - competed in 1988 Swedish F3 with guest appearances in British F3 and Macau GP. 2008 Monoposto '2000 Classic' championship winning car, in ready to race condition. Fitted with Monoposto specification Toyota 3S-GE 2000cc engine on 45mm DellOrto DHLA carburettors and original F3 specification TOMs dry sumping kit. A lot of time has gone into preparing, maintaining and improving this car. Details include: - Carbon Fibre monocoque - Professionally mapped Omex ECU (laptop lead & software included to upload / adjust) - Custom laser-cut and sand-bend exhaust system - Stack Rev Counter with Racetech Oil/Water gauges. - Hewland Mk9/Mk5 5-Speed gearbox with Reynard casing and LSD - Two sets of wheels slicks and wets, Avon radials. Used but perfect for initial testing. - Spax Trakspax 2-way adjustable dampers custom valved to suit springing. - Electrically operated, plumbed in Fire Extinguisher - Custom Willans Harnesses, dated to 2011 - New front brake discs recently fitted with Ferodo 4003 pads - Shift-i shift-lights mounted on dashboard - Custom aluminium radiator and additional oil cooler - Race Technology DL1 datalogger & software - New Redtop 30 battery - Front and rear cockpit-adjustable anti-roll bars Full documentation from past two years in considerable detail, including setup sheets, testing data, suspension analysis, receipts, calculations etc. The car has been carefully maintained for safe, cost-effective racing, and was converted to meet Monoposto engine regulations from the original TOM's prepared F3 engine (available by separate negotiation) after sprinting in 2006. Car steadily improved, despite novice driver, without radical modifications over 2007, scoring podiums in last two rounds. Winter saw conversion to radial tyres with appropriate changings to damping, springing and anti-roll bars. Car can easily be converted back to cross-ply tyres should the new owner want to do so. 2008 season started with an outright Monoposto 2000 victory and has seen six class wins, (twice runner up), six fastest laps, and two outright pole positions in the wet and has dominated the Classic class (CSCC words not mine) with 2 races to go. Only regularly beaten in Monoposto by late 1990s Dallaras, that race in a different class. One of the prettiest cars on any grid! Spares package -springs for cross-ply use (can also include used cross-ply tyres) -fuel cell -sidepods -nosecone -CV joints -Bilstein dampers -anti-roll bars Can be supplied as raced after final meeting of 2008, with only the onboard camera removed in the paddock, and we can provide track support for first test or race meetings to help buyer acclimatise to the car, as long as it does not clash with our own testing/racing commitments. Alternative specifications (without datalogger, as rolling chassis, or otherwise) can be negotiated if required. We also have the original TOMs F3 engine, ECU, airbox etc (car was bought in running F3 spec), and this can be bought with the car separately, or fitted to the car and ready to go if needs be. With this engine re-fitted, and dropped to original ride height, the car would be eligible for Club F3 in the Masters class. Very quick car (!) but one that can be driven close to the car's limits by a comparatively inexperienced driver. Ideal vehicle to contest 2009 Monoposto Championship or SEMSEC Single Seater Challenge or would work very well for sprinting or hill-climbing. Contact Tristan or Martin Cliffe on 01508 570351 (work), 01508 570061 (home), or email tristan@omicron.uk.com or martin@omicron.uk.com For 2009 we are preparing a Dallara F398 so the Reynard is for sale. £15,000
  4. Its on the front of the inlet manifold - has a 2 wire plug leading to it.
  5. My Sera was turbocharged so can't compare. However, with 95 unleaded eg supermarket fuel I would get about 350kms per tank full. On V-Power (or Optimax as it was then) on the same quantity of fuel (typically 30 litres) I would get at least 370kms per tank full. There isn't really any modifications you can do for economy apart from making sure the filters are clean, the tracking is set properly, the car is clean and not full of junk. Switch off air con. Driving style can be altered for better economy. You ought to drive my Mercedes. 4.3 litre V8 - the Sera just sips fuel compared to this.
  6. I expect he fixed it. It was 18 months ago.
  7. Superfreak - what does your water temp gauge do? It should rise to half way within 5 mins of a cold start and stay there regardless of speed. If yours doesn't your thermostat is buggered and needs changing and this is probably preventing the overdrive from engaging. Try running 98 RON fuel. More expensive to buy but I found it was actually cheaper in the long term. The Sera is quite heavy for its size - lots of glass = heavy plus extra rigidity in the sills to add strength.
  8. What grade fuel are you using? Supermarket / Proper? 95RON - Super Unleaded. I found that I got best economy when using Shell V-Power. More expensive fill up yes, but the difference in purchase cost was more than made up for by the extra distance you could travel on the same quantity of fuel. Are your tyres set at the right pressure. Tracking? Is your engine serviced - new filter / plugs will make a difference. Is air con on? What does your water temp gauge do? It should rise to half way within 5 mins of a cold start and stay there regardless of speed. If yours doesn't your thermostat is buggered and needs changing and this is probably preventing the overdrive from engaging. The Sera is quite heavy for its size - lots of glass = heavy plus extra rigidity in the sills to add strength.
  9. You can, but its probably easier just to buy a 4e-fte engine or to buy a starlet turbo in the first place. A standard Starlet turbo may well be cheaper on insurance than a modified 4e-fe turbo (assuming you're a good person and declare the mod)
  10. Its internal and requires a partial engine strip down. The oil pump is driven by the timing belt.
  11. check engine mounts, in particular rear gearbox mount
  12. Visit my Sera specific forum and you may get more luck
  13. Does the speedo still work? If it does, it sounds like a problem with the instrument itself and needs sending away or replacing. If the speedo has also stopped as well, I'd check speedo cable first.
  14. Standard Toyota or pattern parts pads are readily available. If you want to do more spirited driving, then things like Mintex or Pagid from Dave Burwash mail order
  15. If you can get a pattern, you can get these made by vinyl sign shops.
  16. LSD was an optional extra on every Starlet. It didn't come standard on the Advance model.
  17. My other Toyota - well the engine is a Toyota (rev 3 3S-GE on carbs and dry sumped)
  18. you need to interrogate the ECU to get the fault code that is registered when the warning light is triggered. This will tell you what is giving trouble and you can then work out what is needed to replace it. Instructions on my forum under technical library section, stickied as Diagnostics Test. Post the error codes here if you need further help. Tools required, one bent metal paperclip.
  19. cylinder head - 450kg cm plus an extra 90 degree turn sequence- 9 3 1 6 10 7 5 2 4 8 this info is published on various Starlet and Sera sites
  20. Its probably the speedo gearbox that does the kmh to mph conversion that has failed, so nothing to do with Toyota. They're pretty rubbish really and often fail. If you remove it and connect the speedo directly to the proper car gearbox it should work fine (but will be back in kmh mode) www.setrans.co.uk
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