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  1. The wife and I plan this February to purchase a 2022 RAV4 Prime XSE with the premium package. I know zip about electric charging and need to find some answers before we take delivery of said vehicle. I understand that the package is equipped with a 6.6kw charge system. I have 220 volts in my garage so I plan on purchasing an appropriate charger. My son however who lives 2 states away only has 110 volts in his garage and my question is can the 110 volts be used to recharge the RAV4 Prime at considerably more time? If so do I need buy a 220 volt charger for my home and a 110 volt charger for travel to son’s home? I have asked this question elsewhere and no one seems to know the answer.. Also is there some kind of safety interlock within the car itself to prevent you from forgetting the charger is connected and accidentally driving off damaging the vehicles as well as the charger? Thanks to all that reply.
  2. Hello, my name i Mike and the wife (Rose) and I reside in the USA. We have owned 3 Toyota’s in the past, I currently drive a Tacoma and the wife a RAVE4 (gasoline).
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