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  1. In case this info helps: I have a 2007 Yaris 1.3 (2SZ-FE engine) with 80k miles. I average around 45mpg doing mostly 4-5 mile trips on open road, typically 30-50mph depending on traffic. Your 38-40mpg may be normal if this includes a lot of stop-start driving in traffic, or higher speeds.
  2. Interesting points on this thread. Reminds me of my experience with dealer servicing: You'll see on the Toyota service sheet that the 'full' service includes a 'four wheel alignment check'. Some years ago, I had reason to doubt that this had been done, so started to ask for a print-out of the alignment report. The consequences of this were interesting. Invariably, the initial response I got was "that's not part of the service sir . . ", to which I referred them to their own service sheet. One dealer didn't have the laser checker, so had to out-source the check to a local tyre depot; another dealer had the laser equipment, but no staff who appeared to know how to use it, or understand the results. My conclusion was that this check was routinely not being done at these two dealerships. I'd be interested to hear whether anyone else on this forum has had more positive experience of this.
  3. Thanks for the replies on this. Quick update for anyone interested: Flash22 was correct: got the codes read and it turned out to be rear-offside wheel sensor. This can only be replaced by removing the wheel hub bearing, so it was replaced as an integral unit (bearing with sensor). Worth noting that ABS light (system failure) is an MoT failure - even though the brakes work and we used to drive cars without ABS. Curiously, this car (2007) had the same hub-bearing replaced roughly 30k miles earlier, and had an MoT advisory last year for slight bearing noise (same wheel). I'm wondering if there might be an alignment problem - maybe it's had a hard knock sometime in the past. Does anyone know whether the rear wheel alignment can be adjusted on the Yaris MkII ?
  4. Thanks Bob - appreciate your swift reply.
  5. Hi everyone, ABS warning light has suddenly started coming on from start-up, and stays on. Brakes seem fine, but presumably the ABS is not working. Any suggestions for common causes/fixes? Thanks
  6. Many thanks for the excellent guide Mark. Just fixed the indicators on my Yaris, using your guide. Classic scenario as you described: build-up of grease (which I think was as manufactured) inside the switch, on the lower side corresponding to the right-turn indicator direction. Cleaned up carefully, with a delicate adjustment of the three-pronged contact: now all working. For anyone else tackling this, note two things: the three-pronged contact is not fixed rigid - it is held in place only by spring-pressure from the opposite contact plate (on the lid of the switch) - take care to ensure it does not fall out of place; inside the switch there is a loose white plastic component associated with the headlight full-beam on/off mechanism - take care to keep the switch upright, or replace this component correctly if it drops out. I recommend an hour of patience with good lighting at the kitchen table! Great guide Mark - thank you.
  7. Probably a long shot, but I had similar in a different car when the remote key fob was either running low on battery or the fob was concealed in my pocket by other metal objects.
  8. Thanks Bob. Appreciate the prompt reply. I'll have another go based on your advice.
  9. Prius hybrid - great car. I've owned one from new, 2010, now on 102k. Great all-rounder: was my motorway-commute vehicle for years, averaging 62mpg winter, 70mpg summer. Carries 4 adults, plus two boxers, no problem! Good for distance, and local. But things move on. I'd much prefer a plug-in with a decent local range on electric, or a fully electric car. And consumer preferences for vehicle shape change: imagine what will follow with the flexibility for location of electric motors and autonomous driverless cars: standby for radical changes!
  10. Hi everyone. I need to remove the steering wheel airbag to access failed indicator switch. I have found guides on this, and have have managed to release the bottom airbag catch (screwdriver through hole to release spring clip), but I am struggling to access the two upper spring clips. What is the removal process for the plastic shroud at the back of the steering wheel to access the two upper airbag retaining clips? The shroud appears to be obstructed by other components - do these have to be removed first? Grateful for any pointers. Thank you.
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