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  1. Can confirm the hybrid badge is still on the back. They only removed them on the side. I think it looks much better without them.
  2. Also meant to say, first trip came in at 57mpg. Really good for a 2.0 I think. Big change from the 20-25mpg in the Audi!
  3. Picked the car up today. Very pleased. First impressions: extremely smooth and relaxing to drive. Coming from a 240bhp A4 I was worried I’d be bored but it makes you drive much more sedately but still has a decent bit of power if needed. Quite nippy away from the lights too. First trip on the motorway and was surprised at how good the lane tracing and adaptive cruise was. Will be very handy on a long trip. Seats are supremely comfy. Road noise is so so. Definitely not as quiet as the Audi but that’s probably also due to the Toyota engine being much quieter. Noticed I was running on ev mode for a decent chunk of the motorway earlier - really cool.
  4. I think it’s actually YY-MM-DD. At least it is on my tracker.
  5. Mine went to build today. Ordered January 3rd.
  6. Ughh, I feel for you Jamie, that must be soooo annoying. Let us know how you get on with Toyota direct.
  7. Thanks! I was actually needing the same info and just found this thread. You saved me some work!
  8. I’d follow the advice further up the thread to keep up to date on your cars eta. Using a desktop/laptop and logging into the site you can see an actual date. I did it and then my dealer called three weeks later telling me what I already found out.
  9. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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