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  1. Yes, this is what I have. Sorry for the confused terminology, a lack of knowledge on my part
  2. Pics tomorrow. The car model is: TOYOTA AURIS TR (124) 2008
  3. Definitely never flooded with anything. I'm trying to think of what extra details I can give. I'm fairly certain that each time it happened the car would have been trying to shift gears. The first and third time I was ascending a hill, the second time I was starting up a ramp at a local carpark. I have no idea how the selector works but it does sound like it might be a failure of the ?? to select a gear and resetting ??
  4. I wouldn't trust myself to dabble under the bonnet, it's likely the car will never move again. It may not be the gearbox, from reading about similar issues it seems there could be half a dozen reasons but all of them linked to MMT and costing £1000-£2000 to put right. The car has a new battery as of last year. The fault does happen under acceleration but not 'hard' as such. I neglected to mention that each time it has occurred the solution has been to turn off the engine, withdraw the key and then restart once all lights are off, simply turning off the engine and then restarting within ten seconds does not fix it. Mileage is 56,000
  5. Thanks for the reply. I expect you're right. Toyota want £150 for the diagnostic compared to £50 for Halfords. I'm wondering, if the problem is vanilla enough, that one of the cheaper companies may be able to ID and fix.
  6. Hi I have a 13 year old Hybrid Auris. Three times in the last month the car has slipped into and remained stuck in neutral whilst driving, each time I was able to steer into a side road before the car came to a stop. It seems this is not an uncommon problem for old hybrids and I've booked it in with a Toyota dealer in a few days from now. The core of my question is financial, I was made redundant at Christmas and I need to minimise spend as much as possible. Based on your experience would you say a Toyota dealer is more likely to find and rectify the problem than a Halfords or Kwik Fit (I'm assuming the former will be considerably more expensive)? Thanks
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