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  1. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the UK that could supply an Offside Front wing (2nd hand in good condition or a new Pattern part) for a 1990 Camry 2.0 GLi 4-Door Saloon? Absolutely struggling here... Found one place that could supply but they are based in Germany and will not dispatch to the UK due to shipping costs :-(
  2. Hi there Forum Members, I have a 1999 Camry V6 3.0 Auto which runs Beautifully with the exception of a suspension issue. I have been informed from a friend who is an MOT tester that the Rear Tie Bars are worn and should be replaced. This is causing the horrendous knocking noise from the Rear Suspension. Does anybody have any place/business I could purchase these parts from for a reasonable price? Each Tie bar from Toyota is at least £140 and I'd really not go down that route as much as I love the car. B) Any advice would be REALLY appreciated... Many, Many thanks! Toonzer
  3. Hi a'body - Have a bizarre problem with my Ma's Yaris with gear changes which I am really hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on... It started about 2 weeks ago and I have only had the chance to drive it myself today to feel exactly what is happening... I shall explain as best I can... With the engine off - The feel of all the gears is great. No stiffness or difficulty engaging whatsoever. Little clunks here and there but hey every gearbox does that! With the engine running and car not in motion - Obviously clutch has to be disengaged and no stiffness whatsoever. Clutch bite in every gear is spot-on. Once in motion - Every gear change is smooth with the exception of 3rd TO ANY GEAR. Going into 3rd from any other gear is absolutely fine. Did some slow movement testing and I have come to the conclusion that there is a serious issue DIS-ENGAGING 3rd gear. I'll elaborate a bit more - Even moving at 10Mph in 3rd gear, I fully dis-engage the clutch and when I start to pull the gear lever down from 3rd I can feel the distinct vibration of the gear shafts fully engaged and they only dis-engage after what the Neutral position should be hence I do need to apply a bit more force to get into any other gear ONLY FROM 3rd... The more I think about it, the more convinced I am becoming that the gearbox needs replacing. Already had the car in a local garage that said they cannot fix it and unfortunately my dad is of the opinion that run it until it breaks which I don't agree as my Ma needs her car as she doesn't live in the city and public transport around here? Eh - What transport...??? If need be - I'll buy the replacement gearbox and fit it myself... Just to add - Gearbox mileage 114000Miles (Yes, I know! That's good going!!!) Checked over gearbox cable links (Inside and Outside) - All OK, Very little corrosion. Any suggestions would be most welcome... Big shout to any Toyota Fan!!! My favourite motor was an 1986 Diamond White Corolla GT - Awesome fun!!! Miss it!
  4. Hi there, Saw your query/problem with the alarm on this website and can give you the info you need to disable the alarm sound, NOT actually disabling the immobiliser system. READ CAREFULLY! Remove the washer bottle in the engine compartment completely and underneath you will see a wiring harness leading into the underside of the wing. This harness has a plug. Unplug this and you’re sorted… However, you will still see that if the car is accessed without disabling the immobiliser with your remote control, the hazard lights will still flash. Just use the remote before you open the car… Hope this helps With regards, Chris Townsend
  5. Hi Taahmed, Seen this problem several times and just with you saying that you replaced the centre console shows the problem. You will notice that the rear foglight switch is part of this panel at the top along with the clock, rear window demister and hazard light switch. If the foglight switch has not been reconnected correctly, your headlights will not operate but as you said, the dimmed lights are OK. Have a closer look at the connections to the foglight switch and you should be OK. This problem also occurs if the hazard light switch is not connected, your indiscators will not work either... Good luck!