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  1. I've emailed Toyota with a full summary of what went on. This dealership is the same franchise as my 3 nearest Toyota dealers, so I'm stuck with them for the long term which is frustrating.
  2. I ordered a 2.0 Icon Tech Corolla a few weeks ago through my local dealer and everything went pretty smoothly. Fast forward to last week and they rang me to say Toyota are no longer building the Icon Tech with the 2.0 and I'd need to pick a new grade. I asked for quotes for a 1.8 Icon Tech and Design and they were more expensive than my original order (of which I already placed a deposit for). I challenged them on the increased price and the salesmen said he was going to raise it with his manager, then out of the blue today they said Toyota are suddenly doing the 2.0 in the Icon Tech and my original order is going ahead - I've now got confirmation in the MyT app too. Was this a case of the dealer trying to squeeze a bit more cash out of me? Or do Toyota change their grade combinations at short notice? Feels a bit dodgy.
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