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  1. You may remember I posted up some avatars I'd made a few months back, well I've now managed to get a website up and running with them all on so here they are: http://www.sprint-design.com/gallery/yaris-avatars.html Please also take the time to view my website in full :) http://www.sprint-design.com
  2. 5 doors can be found http://tiny.cc/Rm7zk
  3. Daisylemon001 Woody27 Matty Yaris SR jd26
  4. Vitz RS And now for some modded ones to show the possibilities... BLiTZ Cont...
  5. Colour Collection TSport Cont...
  6. TSport Phase 2 T2 Cont...
  7. CDX Colour Collection SR Cont...
  8. Havent been on here for a while but made these for the yaris club and thought i'd share them here too.. Well I've always noticed people on forums using those little pixel art gifs, but it dawned on me that no-ones ever made a half decent Yaris/Vitz, so last night I decided I'd give it a go, and then I went a little mad hehe. only 3drs at the moment, and not all the possible combinations but should be enough for most people, if you cant see your car just pm and I can drum something up. if you want to use them go for it, but if you use them on other sites can you please reference them back to me, thanks. Phase 1 S GS Cont...
  9. *cough lowering *cough is *cough in *cough the *cough pipeline (ie in the week or 2 after i get back from my holiday with the girl ;) )
  10. well i wont be having breaky but i might come and find you all lol
  11. well its been a while since, a. i washed it and b. took some piccys...
  12. All bar the vauxhall-esk grill thingy looks great :D really clean and not over the top
  13. yeah mine probably needs doing, its worse under heavy breaking, the wheel really shakes and vibrates
  14. yeah thats why they've done away with them, only GTROC, MLR and SCOOBYsumethingortother are getting dedicated parking and space <_<
  15. well since its 3miles from the front door how could i not go lol?! will probably see some of you there, need to find out if my mates coming yet, all depends on wether or not he passes his driving test today or not, cos either ill be convoying with a micra or carrying a passenger lol
  16. ill be there somewhere lol is toc having a stand as ive been told by my other car club stands arent happening this year
  17. damnit that bonnet looks so nice, looking really smart mate
  18. Looks great now its been painted :D and i love the intakes in the front, needs some carbon splitters ;)
  19. really dont like that but if it makes you happy... personally id stick with the all black scheme since it looks so nice but itd your car so hey ho balls to what i think
  20. well mine was fine when i first got the car, then when i had the rear tyres changed and had the tracking done the wheel now sits slightly off, pisses me off cos im bugged by stuff like that lol
  21. Well i took the car into york toyota yesterday, they cleaned the air flow meter and cleared the light and said if it comes back they'll order a new lambda, so far the light has stayed off so fingers crossed its gonna be ok
  22. afaik (but dont quote me on this) 3rd brake lights are not essential for an mot (tho this might only be for older cars)
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