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  1. Hey folks I have a 2013 Toyota avensis t27 saloon (active model) my car has front electric windows and rear window winders is it possible to put electric windows into the rear using a doner car door, would the car have the electrical loom to make this work thanks
  2. Michael mc c


    Can anyone tell me why my satnav isn't working I bought a touch and go unit 59005 model on eBay and everything is working perfectly accept my satnav it loads up but won't show the map in my area coming up England maps my car didn't have the GPS antenna so I purchased an aftermarket one for Toyota and fitted it today but still not able to pick up my location keeps says not (navigable) when I try to input an address in my area can anyone tell me why this is happening thanks
  3. Can anyone give me any ideas where I could get the 3 block harness to get the satnav working on my touch 59005 radio I have the unit attached to the bottom for the satnav but can't source any i seen one online but guys lookin £70 for it bit expensive I thought lol
  4. Update radio fitted and everything but the satnav working well pleased will get the lead and GPS antenna and hopefully that's it all working then thanks folks for all the help
  5. Will I still be able to connect my phone to Bluetooth I'm happy enough to do without satnav for a while but I would like to use my handsfree radio and cd player
  6. Jiin Flash22 will I still get handsfree cd player and radio use without this lead in the meantime ??
  7. Jiin thanks for that
  8. Where would I source this lead I can't fine anything threw eBay Amazon or any sites
  9. Flash22 and what is this for
  10. Flash22 the one on the back of the module box that's plugged in you sent the pic of is there and the little grey one top left that connect from the module box to head unit is there also but that 3 block connector and GPS antenna isn't I can get the antenna one from eBay but I can't source the 3 block one is that for steering wheel controls or for something else
  11. Yes I bought from the same seller the unit with the module box attached. there is two leads on it one at the back and another one goin from the module box to the head unit
  12. Jiin I found a aftermarket GPS antenna on eBay with the code you sent to fit the unit but I can't get power data cable have you any idea where I could source an aftermarket one
  13. What's the power data cable for stupid question maybe lol what features will I have without this ?
  14. 2009joe is the one I bought a touch 2 it's the 59005 model wasn't sure we it just touch or touch and go
  15. Jiin I just bought that unit 59005 you sent me the link to it includes the harmen module box but no antenna I have found a after market one on Amazon that looks like it's the same connection block hope all goes well and the antenna works if not the original ones ain't too hard to source I have had a few aftermarket units with the same GPS antenna and all worked great
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