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  1. I must be really lucky, as none of my windows rattle at all, up, down, half way, you name it.
  2. That’s a gorgeous car, absolutely love that colour! Was looking at these too when I went for my TS, but they were out of budget and no deals. No regrets with my TS though. Good luck and wish you many miles of happy motoring in it
  3. My last 3 cars have been "cross overs", but still had a more commanding driving position than a normal car. I thought I'd hate being so low, but quite the opposite. That being said though, I am now in a touring sport which, whilst being lower, is actually larger in length then my previous cars, so could be why I feel safer in it.
  4. Your buyers remorse can't be as bad as Fourbanks' "bought from the wrong marque, everything about the car is wrong, I didn't see this coming, but I'll make a thread about every little snag" remorse 😁
  5. Not that I’m particularly bothered, because the bonnet is shut for 99% of the time, but if you’re really hurt by the lack of the cover, it might be worth asking anyone who owns a Swace if they have one. I know the Swace has BSM, which the Rolla doesn’t, so they could have added a cover too.
  6. Thought I'd best add mine now I've got it.
  7. When I chose my colour, they presented me with a swatch with a representation of each colour. I went for the blue because of the amount of fleck, but didn't you get one of those at yours?
  8. Have you got a picture of what you're referring to? I'll have a look at mine and compare
  9. It didn't give me the option? I said 1 month free trial and then a list of options, but the auto lock wasn't one of them. Even though I know its a feature, as it popped up to start with in the car, before I plugged it in, just wasn't allowed to change it.
  10. Just an update after getting the car - Carista is being returned to Amazon, as actually doesn't have any of the features it says it does on the website! That being said, the lack of auto locking isn't really an inconvenience
  11. Obsidian blue, I’ll upload a pic shortly. The flake in it is the most I’ve ever seen and I’ve had some decent colours/paints over the years
  12. I think it's a touring sport perk. Mine also has it, but I remember looking at the hatch in the show room and that didn't have it.
  13. Have finally collected it. What a stunning colour! I mean I knew it was gorgeous anyway, but on the flesh, wow!
  14. Eurgh that's rough! I wonder why it's taken so long? I know mine's taken longer due to the dealer dragging their heels with the handover, but even so, it took about 8 days from build to delivery at the dealership!
  15. Unfortunately not 👎. Dealer put it down as an admin error, although the code put in was specific to the touring sport, so he’s raising it to be looked in to. That being said, I’m still yet to actually see the car, and the dealer didn’t sound like he’d seen it either, so who knows! 😂
  16. Been to sign the paperwork today, with collection arranged for Friday. Works nicely, as working away next week, and don't think the fiesta would have made it!
  17. I caved and rang instead of waiting. Monday to sign the paperwork, and then pick up a few days later.
  18. That's interesting, because my dealer did exactly the same thing with the email address, however, I contacted MyToyota about it pretty early into the order, and with internal communications with the dealer, they changed it. I mean @lwe.co.uk is the same as @live.co.uk right...
  19. Same! I can even see that they've been out in it this morning on two occasions!
  20. If you head to here https://www.toyota.co.uk/apps/customerportal#/ on Chrome, and then follow these intructions. Right click on the vehicle and click inspect. You'll see several tabs appear on the right hand of the screen, you'll want to click on the network tab. In the top left of that tab is a search bar, pop your order number in there, and then refresh the page. You should see two rows appear, one will say preflight, and the other will be a json, click the json. Here you'll be able to access the back end info
  21. Have you looked via the back end? ie on a desktop?
  22. Mines Obsidian Blue, so don't think that's the case 😁
  23. I have a feeling my sales exec doesn't work Wednesday's...so hoping that he gets in touch tomorrow! Car looks great though!
  24. Slight update: It's now arrived at the retailer! ETA is still 20th mind, but I expect that will change.
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