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  1. Thanks for your help Bob. These numbers should sort me out.
  2. Flash22. Thanks for the details. Unfortunately it is the bit that the tail gate actually latches into that is broken. It bolts to the top edge of the boot lip with 2 10mm bolts. I would take it to the local scrap yard but my daughter is away back to uni with it! I have had a look but can’t see any that look the same. I need to investigate further and hope the bodge I did on it holds in the meantime.
  3. Hi Paul. I thought we were on a winner there! You must have tried a different search on eBay. Unfortunately it does not include the bit that bolts to the edge of the tailgate opening and gets operated by the push button part. I can see a trip to the local scrappy coming on to see if we can find something. Thanks for your help.
  4. I am trying to fix my daughters 2014 mk2 aygo. The boot lock is worn out and broken. This is physically broken not just the usual bent lever. I am struggling to find a replacement that looks the same. Does anyone know if a mk1 lock would fit/work? Thanks for any help. Euan
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