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  1. Taken my Prius in for its second service this morning and the nice man in the dealership said that they would upgrade the sat nav free of charge, though it meant waiting another hour and a half to download it.
  2. Thanks for that information Lee, I accessed My T and got to the stage where it wanted me to input the software of my system it then said this is not applicable to this system so I couldn't download it, the system shown on the website is from an older Prius system it doesn't have the 2020 system onwards., I then tried to do it in car, I got as far as your instruction from pressing the setup button then online then there is no map update option, just map software info, so it seems that you can no longer update the sat nav yourself anymore on the latest Prii . Seems like I will have to go to the dealership and ask them to do it. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Thanks all for your replies, just spent two hours trying to solve this with no luck, I managed to register the head unit, and Estore is installed but I cant get into the estore via the head unit or mytoyota to find the map download. Jonathan thanks for your suggestion but the My T phone app has no guide about downloading connected services. CPN when I press the Nav button I just get the map, no button to upgrade. Catlover I think that I am going to have to take your advice and ask the dealership to do it for me, I hope that they don't try to charge me. Why do they make it so difficult.
  4. I have a 2020 Prius Excel and I want to update the map software but I am having a bit of trouble, I have done it on a previous Prius but am having difficulty with this one. The website says that I have to register my multimedia device first , but my one is none of the choice of four that they give you, and I cant find the software to download to a USB which I did last time. Can someone tell me where I can find step by step instructions on how I can do this, otherwise I may have to ask the dealership to do it on my next service which is due next month. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Trev, Thanks for your reply, I also haven't got a garage so I have to leave it in an allocated parking space, I have heard of a couple of reports from dealerships that they have noticed failed attempts at removing the cat, so that gives me a bit of peace of mind. As for the code that is stamped on the cat do all Toyota dealerships do this as a matter of course ? As I said in my post I think that this is the best that we can do at the moment.
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    Hi, I have booked my gen 4 Prius in next Tuesday to have a catloc fitted, I have read on here that it is the best deterrent available, but I was wondering if anyone who has had one fitted has still had their catcon stolen.
  7. Hi Alan, I have 4 sat navs on the app....Toyota Touch & Go...... Toyota Touch and Go (CY17),...… Toyota 2 with Go Gen 1 ……. Toyota 2 with Go Gen 2., I don't have Touch and Go Pro with real buttons, which would be either a 5th one or it replaces one of the other ones that I am getting on the app. The app that I have must be different from yours for some reason.
  8. Hi Keith, I'm afraid that I am not too good with computers and software, I wouldn't know where to start with this, thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. Hi Lee, I tried the CY17 option, input the ID number then I keep getting the message " error try again later ". In fact I have tried all the options and get the same message, HELP !
  10. diverdave

    MyT app.

    Has anyone with the 2020 model Prius Excel managed to register the Multimedia device to the app. When I try you get to a page with a choice of unit types to register but the one in the latest Prius isn't there, and the menu structures are all different. If anyone has managed to register their system could you please let me know how you did it as you need to do this to update the maps etc. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Alan, Thanks for that advice, I have searched for the MyT app with my desktop (Windows 10 ) but I cant find it, could you tell me where I need to look please, and how do I register my multimedia unit. Thanks in advance. Update, managed to get MyT on my mobile, but when it comes to choosing a multimedia unit the one in the 2020 model with the physical buttons isn't on there, would it be ok to choose the one with the illuminated touch screen buttons as in the previous model ? I have tried registering my multimedia device to MyT to no avail, it is very complicated and I keep getting an error message, after an hour trying gave up. What is needed is an idiots guide to doing it for idiots like me, why do they make it sooooo difficult.☹️
  12. Thanks again Lee, I managed to find everything that I wanted, not too difficult when you know where you are looking and familiarize yourself with things. Only thing missing is the woman shouting at me if I go to fast, it is now just a beep and the flashing speed limit sign.
  13. Thanks for that Lee, but the manual that I got with mine only goes up to page 237 so must be a different one, also I never got a navigation manual with mine, should I have got one with the 2020 model ? I never got one with my 2016 Prius either. If they are no supplied any more just online, can I buy one from Toyota ?
  14. Hi Professor, thanks for your reply, but the new model no longer has the blue illuminated buttons, it now has physical buttons and a different menu structure, maybe that why I can't find what I am looking for, I can't imagine that they would downgrade a newer system to have less functionality.
  15. I decided when I wanted to upgrade against the Hyundai Ioniq and stuck with Toyota and bought a 2020 Prius Excel with 15" wheels. Quite a difference in ride quality, much smoother and quieter. But I don't think that the Touch and Go does everything that the one in my 2016 Excel did. I'm sure that I used to be able to adjust the contrast and brightness on the reversing camera, can't find how to do it on the new one, also I don't get the woman telling me the speed limit if I am going to fast. Is there a menu to make these changes somewhere, I have tried for two days to find it with no luck and no mention of it in the handbook. Can someone tell me where I can find out where to do this or am I wasting my time because the new unit no longer has the facility to do this. I would be grateful for any help. Apart from that loving the new car.
  16. I have arranged a test drive in the Hyundai for Tuesday morning to make a final decision, but it will take a lot to make me switch allegiance from Toyota.
  17. I would Jay but I don't have a garage or a drive only a designated parking space away from my house, so nowhere to charge it unfortunately.
  18. Jay, I get what you say about the reliability and proven record of the Prius drivetrain, the Hyundai has only been going for a couple of years, I have not looked on their forum to see what problems owners have had. Don't get me wrong I love my Prius, just that I am going to upgrade and was just looking at the options, having sat in the Hyundai I am pretty sure that I will stay with the Prius, though I may go for a test drive just to confirm my thoughts. Jay you are right about the Hypersonic red, and with the cool grey interior looks great. I just wish that Toyota would improve their Touch 2 infotainment system looks very dated compared to some others. Thanks for all your replies and thoughts.👍
  19. Hi Mike, Yes I did look at the Corolla but I think that it is only available in the base model, I like my toys 😊.The Hyundai has got a very nice dual clutch electronic gearbox with flappy paddles that can be used for gear changes or in low speed can be used to increase or decrease regenerative braking,but takes a slight hit on MPG, it also has a better infotainment screen and system. but as Autocumulus says knowing Toyota is an advantage since I have had four prius's .( Is that a word ?) Decisions, decisions. 🤔
  20. Hi, I am upgrading my Gen 4 Prius in the next month and went to look at the latest model in the dealership, some improvements, styling, larger wireless charger, white plastics gone. But then I saw a comparison with the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid on YouTube. I went to the dealership to have a look and was impressed, it is cheaper but is built to a high spec. Has anyone else looked at the Hyundai whilst thinking of upgrading their Prius, if so what did you think ? I am still undecided Thanks for any opinions.
  21. Hi Professor, That did the trick, thanks very much for your help.
  22. I have a Gen 4 Excel and at the weekend I updated my system to 6.12.OH which went surprisingly smoothly though taking a while. But since the update whenever I start the car I get a message saying charges will be incurred if you continue, with two buttons one to continue and one to cancel. I used to get this message in random areas on my commute not every time that I started the car. Does anyone know how to disable this message I have looked through all the menus and cannot find anything. I would be grateful for any help or advice with this.
  23. Thanks for the reply Pete, I am hoping that I will have the same experience with my dealer as you did with yours.😊
  24. Just phoned the dealership and they need to look at it to see if it is a fault with the mechanism or something that I have done. If it is decided that the mechanism is faulty it is covered under the warranty. Just out of curiosity has any one else had this problem, just nice to know if it is a common fault.
  25. Good idea Frosty, I pass the dealership on the way home from work might just drop in.
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