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  1. thanks, I called and thanks to VAT it takes it to £168... I can source a Hankook AGM for £120 so going to go with that. Scowered fb to see other similar posts with lots of different recomendations but i'd rather get an AGM and know it will last and do what I need it to do.
  2. Hi Guys, Recently my car (2009 1.8 T-Spirit 82k miles) didn't start, nothing turns on and i may have left a light on sometime. Car was jump started and started no problem, no warning lights so pretty sure the 12v is done. Question is which one do I go for? National tyres can do a Napa NPA043N 12v battery mobile installation for £86, only 30k starts though but with 4yrs warranty but this is not an AGM battery? There is an AGM battery; Lion AGM AGM 009 for £175 from Europarts, 350k starts! . So is the expensive one the best? Plan to keep the car for as long as possible. Thanks
  3. Just wondering what other car owners are doing? I don't want to buy a spare and leave it in the normal boot, it will take up too much space, look horrible and there does not seem to be any space under the boot to store. I do have breakdown cover but still want to be prepared as best I can. TIA.
  4. brilliant thanks! i think this may be the best I can do, the existing ones aren't too bad, but i will prob get these when the bulbs need replacing.
  5. Hey guys, so I took delivery of my 2009 Prius 1.5 T Spritit. Very happy with it and just wondered if anyone has tried upgrading their headlights to some sort of LED? I'm just thinking as its an older car they will wear out quicker and not the brightest. Thanks.
  6. Many thanks Josepth thats very helpful. taking delivery of a 2009 Prius 1.5T Spritit on 27/1/22.
  7. Hi, so I'm looking to purchase the above car, in the next few days (UK) and wondered if anyone has changed the infotainment in one of these to a modern andriod unit? I'm wondering can it be done? I would look to buy the unit myself and get someone to install. Just wondering if anyone has already done this? Does the car have bluetooth? TIA
  8. Hi All, I am trying to decide between a 2008 Toyota Prius 1.5T Spirit 68k miles, or a 2011 Auris 1.8T Spirit 80k miles. I want the best economy and based on reading past posts looks like the prius is better? But, is it a good idea to buy a 14yr old car in 2022? I do city miles during the week and motorway 100-300 miles at the weekend. Difference between the car prices (UK) is £1k more for the Auris. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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