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  1. Driving down the hill when it went car is 1.6 petrol 06 only got gear box done and clutch then week later car won’t go in to gear garage said drive shaft went and ripped a lie in new clutch so that had to be replace again speed I was doing was 40 km in 3rd gear
  2. When a drive shaft breaks can it make a rip threw the clutch
  3. Cheers glad to be here so meny children driving now in my home gonna ask them to join and it will guide them on the right road for repairs and knowledge and share there car problems cheers
  4. Hi all from Dublin Ireland glad to be here
  5. Hi I would be great full with some advice I got gear box rebuild may 21 and new clutch then month later drive shaft went told it scrapped the clutch had to be replace again I alway had trouble putting in to 5 gear told it losing up now when I go out to start car it won’t go into gear doe if I go threw the gears befor I start it it will drive nice into gear could it be air blocked and how could I do it myself it’s a 06 1.6 petrol advice be great full
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