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  1. Ive put tein s tech springs on my st205 and ive recently fitted 18" ultralite wheels 8 inch wide with 215/35 tyres. the problem is the car sit really high but only at the back and the wheels are really far into the arches which looks poo!! :ffs: . Ive seen lots of 205s fitted with the tein springs on 18s and none seem to sit like mine does. Any ideas?
  2. Hardy87


    Iam also going to change the plugs any recomendations?
  3. Hardy87


    Whats this about a surpport plate? do i need to order it seperate? Do fensport sell them? as thats were i was going to get the down pipe from.
  4. Hardy87


    Ive just got myself a blitz nur R exhaust system, I have also got a front pipe of the same bore that goes to the CAT. iam right in thinking i only now need the down pipe and if so can you recomend a good one? I was thinking of getting the aussie downpipe is this any good? all advice appreciated
  5. Dont do it!!! I live near leeds and buying a car from them is not wise. They're reputation is appaling and the way they treat the cars is criminal, Ive once wentt with my dad to look at a skyline and they were bouncing cars of the rev limiters first thing on a winters morning, Ive also know a lad who bought a car from there and when he went back the following week to pick it up half the parts were missing. My advice is to stay well away!!
  6. Thanks mate, ill get them ordered then!
  7. Iam having real difficulty finding a set of wheels i like and that will fit. Iam after a set of INOVIT ST V1's but have been told they will only fit using 20mm spacers. Does fitting the spacer mess up the handling of the car, or have any other negative affects? And if so any suggestions for wheels on a black ST205.
  8. Hardy87

    Wheel Width?

    Iam right in thinking that when getting new wheels you should stick to 7.5" width? I have seen some wheels i really like but there 8" wide how much of a diffrence if any do people think this will make?
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    Nice one! thanks
  10. Hardy87


    Can someone tell me what the PCD is on a jap st205?
  11. Iam after lowering my car and iam stuck between The TRD springs or the TEIN spring Which would people recomend ?
  12. Rate then the search begins!
  13. Cheers for the info and the fast replys there really helpful. Iam a great fan of the biltz nur r exhaust as my dads got one on his supra but what does it fit like? cos on the soop it hangs low and is always scraping on the ground alsoI live reasonably close to hyperSR and have heard they are good for gt4 downpipes is this right ?