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  1. Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has a prompt for software update and how did they do? Can this be done while the car in on move? The system says that it would take 20 minutes, and I was avoiding the car to be on and not moving/parked. I assume it does not require wifi connection as I think it has an independent module to connect to the cloud. Thanks Sol
  2. John, thanks. So in any of the left lane(s), you can drive up to 70 mph unless you are overtaking?
  3. Think Toyota's recommendation is to leave the car car in ready position for 15 minutes a week. So if you drive 15 minutes each day in start stop traffic, it should be fine.
  4. Agree, probably they are the best summer tyres. Out of curiosity, what speed you are doing on the motorway?!
  5. Excellent Bob, what speed do you do on motorway?
  6. Yes, always bought online. When you buy, most will give an option to get them fitted at the nearest centre. It is usually the National chain in my area.
  7. Agree, i wanted hybrid, and Toyota is way ahead of anyone else in this game. Recently, Juke got hybrid power train from Renault1Nissan alliance, but it barely gives 44 mpg per the tester. My 2 litre C-HR does 50ish and a comparable Yaris Cross might do 60 mpg in real life.
  8. You might want to check if the bar to which wiper blades are fitted, do they sit perfectly on the windscreen.
  9. Not owned Toyota for long but Hyundai Kia were very reliable.
  10. Thanks, so do you apply silicone spray or grease on the rubber wiper blades?
  11. If hydrophobicity is desired, then what is the problem with liquid wax in the car wash? Aren't silicone also used on the wiper blades? Then there are silicone blades as well.
  12. Did you find steering wheel obstructing the dashboard information display? The set up is like Peugeot, so was wondering about this. Have heard that Toyota will introduce yolk style steer by wire system which won't need crossing the arms while using.
  13. I also find the quality of the wiper blade is poor. On a new car, it is not Bosch or any other good make.
  14. Spo2

    New C-HR??

    Just came across this: https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2022/06/15/toyota-chr-electric-rumor/
  15. But the rear won't have a simple installation as the front one. Right?!
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