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  1. Yet again I have had my car hit by a driver who then just drove off. I was on the round about over the M25 Dartford tunnel. I was in the correct lane for M25 exit (watford) on my inside was a green rover who decided he wanted the A13 exit Barking he was in the completly wrong lane and just swerved accross hitting the back of my car. My lovely YTS bounced and was knocked sideways. He stopped for a minute and I knew he was going to drive off (he looked Romainian) so even though I was so shocked and in pain as I wrenched my shoulder I thought bugger this get his plate number which I did he wheel spun away. I phoned the police and gave them his number and the direction he was going but they didn't want to know - so he can commit a crime and get away with it They just said go to your local police station and report it - and I had to produce MY driving licence and insurance !!! like I was the criminal. To top it off a man stopped - I thought to help me but he just moaned about where I'd stopped !! (I had moved the car to the side of the road !) I was so shocked I could hardly drive I was on my own and the police didn't want to know and I still had to drive home to Enfield. I was lucky I wasn't hurt more and I was VERY suprised by the damage to my car it wasn't as bad as it sounded just back rear nearside wing is damaged but the worse thing is he damaged my new alloys !! I'm so fed up this is the thrd time this type of thing has happened to me. He was obviously uninsured and the car probably isn't registered to him. The woman in the police station said she gets this all the time especially with Eastern europeans not being insured or even having driving licences. This is more and more of a common thing ! So yet again I suffer. I'm still upset over this. kaz
  2. Best thing I ever bought was my Mini disk changer - I don't know how I survivied with out it !! Kaz
  3. My YTS is an Import and I told my insurance company who said is it UK spec I said yes they said then it makes no difference. The only things I have different on my YTS is no YTS badge on the back and no alarm but it has the immobaliser and every thing else. The insurance company said they are more interested in the immobiliser than the alarm as no takes any notice of alarms now days. My log book doesn't state import and as said earlier nearly all cars are imported in to England as we don't actually have many cars made in the UK there all from abroad. Kaz
  4. The TSport badges are £8 from Toyota Im thinking of de badging the back of my YTS. Kaz
  5. Hi I live in Enfield and see a lot of Yaris's - There is a Blue TYS that I see in David Lloyds and when I go to Enfield Ton there is always a Thunder grey YTS in the car park. I go to Lakeside most Saturdays and I've seen a Blue YTS parked there often. I usually take note of YTS's as that is what I have (mines Black) Kaz
  6. I've just had Toyo's fitted on my YTS and I have to say they look VERY cool. Great looking tread. Very sporty. Kaz
  7. I was in a car park in Enfield town on Sunday we took my husbands old renault espace as I won't park my car there or at any DIY store !! There was a Y reg Thunder Grey Yaris T Sport next to us and when I got out I noticed they had an unusual dent and scratch on their rear quarter. I mentioned this to my husband he said someone has opened their door into this person Yaris, it was new damage. How sellfish of that person to open their door and damage someones car like that. Now I certainly won't ever park my car there. I hate looking at my car with the damage It's really getting to me. I'm so fussy I notice any tiny scratch and to see this damage is killing me !! My husband said if he hasn't too much work on next weekend he'll repair it for me. I've had a little scratch on the tailgate for a while where a kid dropped there bike in to my car (it's only a small scratch) so he'll repair that as well. It's not fair that kids can get away with damaging cars either. The kid that dropped it's bike on my car was only about three, what could I say without looking like the wicked whitch of the west !! God I've had a good rant there !!!! Kaz
  8. I can't beleive it I've just driven into a wall and damaged my lovely Yaris TSport ! I've smashed in the rear wheel arch (I was feeling unwell and wasn't paying attention) And I've hit both my wing mirrors ! I'll have to be really really nice to my husband so he'll book it in to his garage and repair it quickly he knows I hate having even the tinyest scratch my my car! I'm just off to cry Kaz
  9. I'm sorry if this is your car or you know the owner but........ I just have to tell you about a Red KA it has these really horrible silver graphics all over it and they really are horrible all plastic looking and now the owner has added red neon under lighting the tubes are very visable and the whole car looks hideous. I pulled up along side him at some traffic lights and was looking at his car I couldn't believe what I was looking at but the bloke obviously thought I was admiring it !! I just smiled , didn't want to hurt his feelings. I'll try and get a picture of it. Kaz
  10. Is Gaz a child !!! I can't beleive that line "Gaz no longer has access to the Internet " do you think she also sent him to bed early with no telly for a week!? By the way I'm very jealous - I wish I had legs like yours !! :P You can talk to my husband any time. Kaz
  11. Hi I've just had my second service and asked them to look at the alloys on my Yaris T-Sport as they look terrible. he said that they would probably come up OK with a good clean but they'll replace them (all four - none kerbed) I thought this was great as I was expecting an argument to get them replaced although they certainly wouldn't come up with a good clean as the alloys are bubbling ang aroung the hub is all cruddy and flacking !! But Well done Hills Of Woodford for replacing them all with no problem. and they were very nice as well. Kaz
  12. I have a Black YTS and would love anthracite alloys, They look so cool Kaz
  13. I watched 5th gear the other night when they had the old renault espace verus the new Renault espace - My husband has a VERY old and tatty Renault espace and after I watched that I freaked and told him I'm never getting in his one again !!! Also the one where they had all the goods in the car and how they can Kill you in an accident I've now got obsessed with making sure my passengers belt up and I go mental if my elderly Mum won't let me put her walking sticks in the boot ! Do you think I'm a bit paranoid ! Kaz :D :D :D
  14. My neice would love that Pink Yaris !! Living in a sunny place like Isreal I'd go for the Blue and have tinted windows I've seen a blue YTS with the tinted windows and it looked so cool. Kaz
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