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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. @RUToyota I never really liked the look of the 7th gen Celi, but the engine is quite a blast, I once test drove the Corolla with that engine. @Bernard Foy I slightly prefer the pop-up light versions over the gen 6, but only look-wise. Performance-wise I'm more into the gen 6, of which I prefer the BEAMS engined versions the most. Sadly we didn't get them in Switzerland, and having one imported would set me back between 10-15 grand, and that's without the necessary changes to the lighting, or the speedo, or the removal of the 180 km/h limiter.
  2. Hello guys and girls I'm new here on the forum and want to use this oportunity to introduce me and my car. First about myself: '89 Model year from Switzerland. Got my license at 19 and have driven a small variety of cars, from Alfa Romeo (3), to BMW (3), to the odd Peugeot and VW and a handful of motorcycles. I love working on my cars and motorcycles, although I am not a trained mechanic. But my brother is, and he helps me with the tricky stuff. The first time I drove a Celica was my aunt's ST 16 convertible and I immediately fell in love with it. It had great a engine sound, good economy, a very high reliabilty and pretty good handling for a FWD drive car. This is saying a lot, since I swore to never drive a FWD again after the horrible mess that was my VW Golf IV, the Peugeot was not so bad though (309, back in the early 90's when Peugeot used to be a driver's car). When the time came to get a second car for me to get to work in winter times, I had a broad choice, but when I saw that black 6th gen for sale for a low price, I knew I had to have it. Even though it was in terrible shape I was pretty optimistic because it was a Toyota, and their Landcruisers and Hiluxes are still driving all over the world without much hassle, so why should it be any different for their other cars? Now about the car: It's a 1996 GT with the 175 horsepower engine, bought just shy over 194'000 kms for 1100 quid (asking price was 1600). What had to be done after buying: - Full service with timing belt, water pump, rolls and tensioner, new ignition cords (got a pretty good zap from the old ones), air filter and 2 short oil intervals of 1'000 kms with cheapo 5W-30. - New ARB links, new KYB dampers, brake pads and 1 ABS sensor in front. - Ripped out the radio and deactivated the automatic antenna (both were broken anyway) and put in some additional gauges instead. Also replaced all the leds in the climate control for red ones, as well as red illumination for all dials. As of now, only the clock, Ignition ring, and fog lamp button are still gren (forgot about that one...) Apart from that the car is very clean interior wise and mechanically sound and unproblematic. The body is a different story, because it got caught in a hailstorm. As I have never been too focussed on the looks department, I don't care too much about it. What's most important for me is that the car is rust free and in good operating conditions engine and suspension wise. A good looking car doesn't get you anywhere if it's so bad that a grandma in a shopping cart can drive circles around you. What I plan to do in the future: - Lowering springs, probably H&R in the region of 30mm lower. - Strut bar in front that connects the towers, preferably additonally to the stock one - Strut bar in the rear. Had the chance to get one from the bay, with the covers and everything, but was too slow. - Stiffer roll bars, but that will probably stay a fantasy, because they are super pricey $$$ - better shock dampers, I have been looking everywhere for something of the likes of Bilstein B6 or Koni's, but everything's been discontinued. And coilovers cost as much as the car itself, so unless I get them 2nd hand, that's out of question too. - I am thinking about getting the GT Four riser blocks, but I am indecisive about it. On one hand, I like the look of the high spoiler, on the other hand, it might look a bit overkill on a stock car - Poly bushes, any recommendations where to get them? Although I have to say that the car is handling very well as is, and it would already benefit a lot from the strut bars, lowering and some good 16 or 17 inch wheels with 205mm tires. Pictures of my machine should be attached.
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