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  1. My obsidian blue RAV4, looks different depending on light levels and sun, etc
  2. I used to have a MK1 GT Cortina in the early seventies, it had lovely black PVC seats. They came up lovely with a bit of Pledge, lovely smell, and good for removing most stains 😜
  3. Surely the days of having your alloys nicked are passed ? Maybe the tyres are more tempting. 😃
  4. Interesting predicament 😃 I'm not sure if there is a means of tracking the key fob, but someone will surely be along shortly to tell us. My advice would be to completely search the car from one end to the other and I'm sure if it's there you will find it. Maybe you've already done this ?
  5. There is an option on the settings to have the radio volume change to suit road noise Melissa, but you can untick it if you wish. I'm not sure about the sunroof as I don't have one. The steering query certainly does not sound right as even with electronic steering going from very tight to very loose is a dangerous phenomenon. Other posts will confirm this Melissa.
  6. My RAV4 Excel is SofTex, an artificial leather. I know that it's used my many manufacturers these days instead of real leather.
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