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  1. I think I would stick with the 3.7 Milllan and just check it regularly and top up if required. Maybe carry some top up oil in the boot 👍
  2. Yes I agree it's a no brainer 👍
  3. Hi David, I bought one a few years ago for my Golf from Halfords. Not specific to the actual vehicle, small, medium, large, etc Excellent quality and I would recommend 👍
  4. My own feelings are a lot of garages don't know how to diagnose a fault and just keep changing components until the fault goes away, and the customer coughs up for all the unnecessary work. This is what is happening with my daughter's RAV4 unfortunately 😟
  5. I would imagine that after 18 years some of the seals could be not doing their job properly.
  6. Ways to slow down wear would include driving gently/sympathetically, regular servicing, etc
  7. Hi Bob, these small turbo engines invariably work harder, some are three cylinder with a turbo to maximise their output, so will naturally wear quicker as they are working harder. Just like us humans 😀
  8. Just an update, car's been in garage for around two weeks now. Garage called my daughter yesterday to say new injectors fitted, now they can't get the revs to rise, must be a blockage somewhere ? I'm wondering if this garage know what they're doing 😕
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