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  1. Are these "normal" sensors or "intelligent", I.e. do you get any visual feedback on the display or just sound beeps?
  2. Thanks to both of you. Clearly a different config on mine then. I thought I'd get the same, poor assumption that was..
  3. Thanks for the link. I did not doubt my phone supports wireless charging (though I've never used it), but when I put it in the car, nothing seems to happen. The dealer put his phone, and it showed it was being charged. So I wonder could the Toyota charger be incompatible with a galaxy note 10+? Seems odd if true. Then in the settings of the phone, it makes no difference if fast wireless charging is enabled or not, so the functionality should at least in theory be enabled...
  4. As it should be. But as mine have no visual feedback, I guess I got a different setup.
  5. This may be it. However, if I remember correctly, the Simple Intelligent Parking Assist was not available on Trek, just on Style, but I was not tipped there would be such a difference in tech. Nevertheless, this still does not explain the difference in "intelligence" between rear (correctly turned off once in P) and front simple sensors, which do not turn off. Why would they be wired differently? I can't imagine a different use case between front/rear sensors... Nor does it explain the marketing "intelligence" that allowed fitting a 2022 Corolla with 1990s tech. Argh...
  6. Well, in the configurator I could not imagine they would be anything else but factory fitted. I only realised that was not the case when I saw the first pictures of thee car once it was with the dealer - no sign of either front or rear sensors. Now I am afraid these are just some cheap universal sensors that are not even linked to the car's computer! Fitted by the dealer before the cat was handed over to me. Anyone else with a Trek and similar parking sensor woes? My car was configured and bought in Italy, MY2022.
  7. Perhaps that's a different system/set up. On mine, there is no visual display indicating proximity. Only audiable signal. It does not fade away. Once I park up to the wall, and shift to P, there is the constant high pitch beep. There is button that I can press, which turns ALL sensors off. Sensors are on again upon next start.
  8. Yes, that's what I mean - putting the gear shift into P, before switching the car off. Once the car is in P, rear sensors are off. But the front ones are active. Yet the car is not moving, so what is the point of the constant beeping?
  9. Dear fellow forum members, I've been enjoying my new Corolla Trek for a few days now. One thing I find rather odd though is that the front parking sensors seem to be on even after I switch to P. This means constant high pitch noise until I switch the car off, as well as when I start it till I reverse. The dealer tells me this is normal, and that I van use the off switch. While I can indeed, it feels very counterintuitive to not disactivate front sensors once parked. Would anyone be able to confirm if that's the normal behaviour or if perhaps somebody messed the wiring? Many thanks!
  10. Thanks for your response. This is the first time I am using (hoping to use actually) inductive charging. Unfortunately, I am not into compatibility details. I tried with and without the case (charger is on, light illuminated), but it makes no difference. So it may be the phone is not supported, but I could not find anywhere specs for the charger in the car to confirm. And yes, I think I added it to my configuration, naively thinking it would work...
  11. Hi, all! I've recently taken delivery of my Corolla Trek and was surprised to see the inductive charger would not charge my Galaxy Note 10+ (while it worked with the dealer's device of another brand). I enabled fast wireless charging, but this didn't change anything. Would anyone know a solution other than changing the phone? Thanks for any help!
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