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  1. Happy Birthday Jamesb4uk!

  2. Hi All, First time i've signed in for ages & I notice some big changes & a lot of new faces around.. Had enough of non jap cars so as of today I'm officially back :) I picked up a '95 UK spec Celica GT this morning & already started getting ideas for it. Hopefully there are some old faces still here & you never know might even start attending meets!!! James
  3. Yup all working my end. Top work as always Steve J
  4. Tried to do the TOC registry thingymebob. created the entry but it comes up with IPS driver error. J
  5. Asha - i'm hurt i know i didnt post much & usually in the 'seo forums but still!!! ROFL Finally got round to fitting my camera & TV antenna to the Celi this weekend :D J
  6. Hey Les, glad to see so many of the old crowd still around. so what happened to gold memberships? or is that still a sore subject lol J
  7. Watch out for the side brackets mate - they haven't properly fit 2 HU's that i bought since taking mine out. J
  8. Oi Oi!! haven't logged in for a while so thoght id say hello & find out what everyones been up to!! J
  9. Evening all, i've just found a problem on the Celica, basically when i brake the main headlight beams dim & same with the Highs - the high beams look like normal lights under braking. you cant even emagine the normal lights & how Crap they are the lights do come back to normal under aceleration though. Any ideas? J
  10. Sadly i found that very funny Then again i am a proffesional nerd anyway.... :!Removed!: J
  11. See this is exactly how i see things. A pruning saw is leathal - the one he had was about a foot long the incedent took place at 1am on a sunday/monday morning, so he wasn't "pruning the hedges" at that time of night. if it was him on his own i would have gone out & taken my chances. Shame my baseball bat was in my garage about 30miles away (its not anymore) what i dont understand is where they got the figure for the fine - the Renault cost £260 & i was giving it to my g/f so she can learn to drive. Added to that the cost of the replacement car carries the figure to about £600. & the phycolocical impact to the kids - well. our eldest (11) still panics & wakes up at 1am each night, & refused to sleep in her own room so we had to swap them over. J
  12. Ithanks mate, I have no issues with tho Police at all - the night in question half the Tonbridge nick turned or up on our door so it seamed at 1am - 3 riot vans & 2 squad cars. My issue is with the so called criminal justice sytem who dont think a Pruning saw can be used as an offensive weapon!!! J
  13. Not sure if any of you remember but a while ago i had my girlfriends ex husband try & break into our house & was threatening to kill me. I've just recieved a letter from the crown procecutor in which he states that the offensive weapon charge was dropped due to the weapon in question being a pruning saw. Are there any legal bods here so that i coud pick their brains?? I'm going to write back to this joker because the ex husband was sentanced with 100 hours comunity service & a £60 **** fine!!!! :censor: :ffs: Considering he wrote my Renault off by kicking in every side panel & we needed a new front door & the phycological impact to the kids thats a **** light sentence. Sorry for swearing but i suppose the swear filters will pick up on that one. J
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