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  1. Hi All, First time i've signed in for ages & I notice some big changes & a lot of new faces around.. Had enough of non jap cars so as of today I'm officially back :) I picked up a '95 UK spec Celica GT this morning & already started getting ideas for it. Hopefully there are some old faces still here & you never know might even start attending meets!!! James
  2. Yup all working my end. Top work as always Steve J
  3. Tried to do the TOC registry thingymebob. created the entry but it comes up with IPS driver error. J
  4. Asha - i'm hurt i know i didnt post much & usually in the 'seo forums but still!!! ROFL Finally got round to fitting my camera & TV antenna to the Celi this weekend :D J
  5. Hey Les, glad to see so many of the old crowd still around. so what happened to gold memberships? or is that still a sore subject lol J
  6. Watch out for the side brackets mate - they haven't properly fit 2 HU's that i bought since taking mine out. J
  7. Oi Oi!! haven't logged in for a while so thoght id say hello & find out what everyones been up to!! J
  8. Evening all, i've just found a problem on the Celica, basically when i brake the main headlight beams dim & same with the Highs - the high beams look like normal lights under braking. you cant even emagine the normal lights & how Crap they are the lights do come back to normal under aceleration though. Any ideas? J
  9. Sadly i found that very funny Then again i am a proffesional nerd anyway.... :!Removed!: J
  10. See this is exactly how i see things. A pruning saw is leathal - the one he had was about a foot long the incedent took place at 1am on a sunday/monday morning, so he wasn't "pruning the hedges" at that time of night. if it was him on his own i would have gone out & taken my chances. Shame my baseball bat was in my garage about 30miles away (its not anymore) what i dont understand is where they got the figure for the fine - the Renault cost £260 & i was giving it to my g/f so she can learn to drive. Added to that the cost of the replacement car carries the figure to about £600. & the phycolocical impact to the kids - well. our eldest (11) still panics & wakes up at 1am each night, & refused to sleep in her own room so we had to swap them over. J
  11. Ithanks mate, I have no issues with tho Police at all - the night in question half the Tonbridge nick turned or up on our door so it seamed at 1am - 3 riot vans & 2 squad cars. My issue is with the so called criminal justice sytem who dont think a Pruning saw can be used as an offensive weapon!!! J
  12. Not sure if any of you remember but a while ago i had my girlfriends ex husband try & break into our house & was threatening to kill me. I've just recieved a letter from the crown procecutor in which he states that the offensive weapon charge was dropped due to the weapon in question being a pruning saw. Are there any legal bods here so that i coud pick their brains?? I'm going to write back to this joker because the ex husband was sentanced with 100 hours comunity service & a £60 **** fine!!!! :censor: :ffs: Considering he wrote my Renault off by kicking in every side panel & we needed a new front door & the phycological impact to the kids thats a **** light sentence. Sorry for swearing but i suppose the swear filters will pick up on that one. J
  13. Very odd, Mind you my old Cynos wasn't tagged by the DVLA as a Cynos - it was just a Toyota Coupe DVLA check Try a simple check above. J
  14. Ferrari FXX or the Konisegg CCX tuned to Bio-fuels to keep the tree huggers happy. but i would also have the Hennessey Venom TT SRT coupe J
  15. My whole list! Soz been on the road most of today... can your xbox see your PC & visa versa?? J
  16. Spotted this on another forum & seems like a good idea :) The aim of the game is to post funny images (keep them tasteful enough to keep the topic open please) And if you laugh, you're out. And be honest!
  17. Daft question mate - have you added your music to the library? J
  18. Its easy with WMP Jappy. In Windows Media Player, click Library, Media Sharing, Select Share my media, OK. Windows Media Player will search for devices on your network. Click your console, then click Allow. When done, click OK. On your Xbox 360 console, in the Media area of the Xbox Dashboard, select Music, Pictures, or Video, then select Computer. Hit Yes/Continue, then select your PC. J
  19. Like the rest sorry to hear this... I'd explain the situation to the doctor & like marc suggested get them to sign you off & get them to write a letter to your employer. That should tdo the job. Good luck. J
  20. Sorry let me re-word that... after reading it it didn't make sense even to me When the revamp of gold took place - it would have made sense to suspend memberships until this was finnished. Then when the new gold went active honour each gold members outstanding membership term. But this has been discussed over & over but no outcome has ever been reached. J
  21. I just dont understand why Gold membership was susspended & when the new gold was created the rest of the membership outstanding was honoured (if that makes sense) ahh well - no use arguing about it as we never get a straight answer anyway. J
  22. Thanks everyone. @ Joe, yeah the picture is slightly mis-leading, the colour difference isn't THAT noticable but the rest of the car had a respray before i bought it & none of the colours would match. @ Rockman - no mate it was a mate who did it, i forgot he was a panel beater of 16 years until his son reminded me the other week lol BTW the wing is brand new from Toyota so you could say that lmao. j
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