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  1. Thank you. Will certainly try after I finish my isolation and will update on this...🙂
  2. Is there any particular place or places in car I should spray to make sure no spiders remain or anything else can be done to locate the sensor that is getting triggered? Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I own 3 prius. 2012, 2008 and 2007. About 2 months ago I noticed my 2012 prius alarm would go off anytime dat or night. Read forums and tried clearing out any metal objects in sunglasses holder as well as door panels. Most of the time when alarm went off their was no one around the car, no cars passing by. It would go off twice a night or sometimes 10 times a night soon after. During the day it happened as well but was not noticeable due to people around not complaining or me not being home. I tried changing remote batteries too and finally started switching it off using the button in the car and can now avoid this but it was not a solution. Recently my 2008 and 2007 prius have also started showing similar problems. Now I have to keep all 3 cars theft alarms off. If I ever forget they can go off at any time. The only thing I have not done is change my 12v battery which some people suggested as I don't honestly see any reason while knowing cars that they will need replacing. Specially with 2007 one as it changed around 2 years ago. Has anyone faced similar problems or does anyone have a suggestion as to what should I do? Sorry about the details. Thank you everyone for your help in advance.🙂
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