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  1. For anyone who's debating wether to wait or not, it's forecasted that the current world situation isn't going to get better anytime soon, if anything it's getting worse. The 23 Corolla won't be available to order until Q1 of 2023, plus your average 4-6 (sometimes longer for the 2.0) month waiting time... You'll likely be waiting until the back end of 2023, at the very earliest and I can only expect them to bump up the cost of due to newer innovation. I'm sure the 21/22 corolla had a price bump a few month ago? As much as I like the changes, I'm happy with my 2022 Corolla for now. I've waited long enough 😂
  2. Finally.. Order Feb 4th. Expected beginning of August. Picking it up on Thursday. So about 4.5 month. 1.8 GR Sport Obsidian Blue Hatch Back
  3. Thanks for all the advice. We went ahead and booked our flights to France, we didn't want to risk not getting a seat. Although I rang a for an update a month ago and they said it was delayed until August... Got a call and were picking it up next Thursday 😂 Typical. Nevermind, we have a week away down South before France, so I can enjoy it beforehand. My friend said I am okay to drive his car and the car is insured. We'll be driving it from Lyon to Montpellier.
  4. I like the changes and finally we're getting blind side monitoring and the ability to use start/stop and warm up car before journey, from the app! The alloys are nice, but I still prefer the current GR Sport alloys. I also like how the GR Sport will now get bi-LED headlights too!
  5. Looks great! You've also reassured me on my choice to get Obsidian Blue 😄
  6. Well, sadly it seems like my Corolla won't be getting delivered in time for my trip. I've ordered from a work scheme, so I'm unable to track any progress. It was expected end of June but, I did some calling and managed to find a couple of people to speak to and they both said it's looking like beginning of August now. So I've went ahead and booked some flights instead. I'm a little bit gutted to be honest, I've spent hours planning and finding places to visit along the way, I was especially looking forward to the WW1 remembrance trail next to Amiens. Next time though!
  7. This is one of the main reasons why I bought a Hybrid.. After testing driving a Corolla with a HUD, it felt like a mini game for me and it pushed me to drive in a better a more gentle manner and it really was a pleasure to drive on busy roads, made me more patient.
  8. From what I've gathered over the last month or so. It looks like HB 1.8 has around a 12-16 week (3-4 months) and the TS 2.0 looks like its around 24-32 weeks (6-8 months) approx wait. If people can specify their build and order date when they mention how long they've been waiting, it would be a lot of help and should reduce the amount of similar questions.
  9. Ouch. Yes the £400 will most likely be an after market product. Personally, for a car that age. I would go for the aftermarket. However, do check and make sure that garage is a reputable one. The reason for the descrepancies will be because if the amount of precious metals. After markets tend to have less in them. Mine got stolen from my Mitsubishi, last year. Quoted around the same high cost from dealers.. However, a friend of my dad's got me an after market one and installed it for £250 in total (discounted). So, £400 isn't that bad. With all the CAT thefts on going at the moment, I'd say the aftermarket is a no brainer. Never had any trouble with mine.
  10. I also have a 1.8 GR Sport on order (Obsidian Blue). Ordered 2nd Feb. Still no update. I'm coming from a 2.0 TDI VW Tiguan. Which, with my driving it drinks the fuel. Has 150hp, so 28 more than the 1.8 Hybrid. Websites say avg mpg is 45. However my commute includes a lot of Stop Start and 90% is under 30mph. On cold days I'd get 30mpg, once I got 25!! So Hybrid suits me, as I also have to park on street, so no charging ability. This time I really wanted to focus on maximising my MPG, I don't need that extra 0.2. The 1.8 is cheaper to buy and to run. In all honestly, although on paper the 2.0 Tiguan is a little quicker.. The 1.8 felt no different in terms of performance, I was pleasantly surprised. Sadly there was no 2.0 available to test drive. But as I'm coming from 150HP, I knew I didn't need any quicker. I'm just sick of spending £300 a month on fuel. Because of my performance downgrade I did decide to go for the GR Sport trim, I preferred the look and I know it's just a gimmick but I really like the HUD and I found it helpful to help get the car into EV mode with the power bar.
  11. I ordered a 1.8 GR Sport in Obsidian Blue from an NHS Car Scheme, which is a salary sacrifice scheme. I'm wondering if anyone has ordered through a similar sort of scheme and what experience they had with it? I'm trying to find who can provide my VIN so I can keep track of it via the app. Sent a few emails off, will see what they say.
  12. Thanks for sharing this! Expecting mine in a month or 2, first thing I'll do!
  13. I have such a bitter/sweet feeling about the Corolla. About Toyota in general really. I don't understand why they can't keep things consistent across the board. Other manufacturers don't have any of any of these issues. If the tech is there, just use the damn thing!
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