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  1. I had similar problems but not all of the time. I recently upgraded my iPhone to the 13 and it seems to work every time now without issue. Probably not very helpful as its an expensive fix!
  2. One the 2022 Corolla how do I set the doors to lock automatically and unlock when shifting into park or stopping the cars power? Can’t find it in the manual. Thanks
  3. Didn’t go with the Perspex and amazon kit in the end, I had to upgrade my phone. I bought a MagSafe car mount for the dashboard and then ran a USB cable under the trim from the glovebox. Phone sits immediately right of the ICE screen and looks good.
  4. Upgraded my phone to a 13 pro and now it works every time so fixed for me. Thanks for all the replies
  5. I have an issue where my wireless CarPlay doesn’t connect on approx 25% of startups. I have an iPhone 11 with the latest software. Anyone else have the issue or know of a fix please?
  6. Sorry for late reply, been working away. I have bought a wireless charger from Amazon and will fit they on some Perspex near the heated seat switches, that way I can still get at the storage space. Will show some photos once done
  7. Hi, has anyone fitted a wireless charger in the space near the heated seat switches? If so which one did you use? Seems odd to have wireless CarPlay but no wireless charger! Wireless CarPlay is superb though.
  8. Another stupid question, sorry! The manual states that the driver profile can be set by the telephone connected and the smart key. Trying to set it with my smart key but I don’t see any way to link the two. I have read and re read the manual and it says it can be done, but it doesn’t seem to say how. Any ideas?
  9. Worked perfectly, thank you very much
  10. Yes the key definitely switches off after about a minute and will not allow the doors to be open. Move the key and it works again. Great feature!
  11. Definitely doesn’t say acoustic anywhere on any glass
  12. That doesn’t seem to do anything on mine, try to turn it and nothing changes unfortunately
  13. Tried the automatic headlights and dip tonight, so much better than the BMW ones I had, they were useless and blinded everyone, the Corolla’s just work. How do I dim the main instrument panel? Must be missing something but I can’t find anything in settings.
  14. I will try tomorrow and come back with an answer
  15. It came as standard, I didn’t ask for it as I had runflats on my last car so it didn’t even cross my mind
  16. Hi, It seems to be normal glass as I think acoustic is two pieces laminated? Mine is just a single piece, the car is very quiet though. I do have a space saving spare but as for the key fob, how can I tell?
  17. Hello, new to the group and the Corolla but I have been reading and learning. I picked up our new 2.0 GR Sport yesterday which we ordered back in November 21. My wife chose the car, she wanted something not too big and easy to drive. I have been lucky and had a history of some very nice cars, 911, AMG, M series etc, so I am sorry to say I wasn’t expecting much from the Corolla. How very wrong I was! What an amazing car. How can something which feels and handles so well ride so comfortably especially at this price point? It is the biggest pleasant surprise I have ever had in a car. It’s also quiet with very comfortable seats, its far from slow too. Just have to go out and spend a few hours learning the Infotainment system and all the settings today.
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