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  1. Happy Birthday Zaaro!

  2. Bump No one needs any of the above?
  3. Never affected the warranty when I serviced myself. Toyota replaced the carpets and radiator under warranty last year
  4. Update Well the Aygo has officially gone! Did the exchange on Tuesday. I'm gonna really miss it, especially since it was my first car Gotta say though, the Focus is a very very good car, so glad I made the move now and got it. Its nice to have the power on the motorways etc and the quality. Passed its MOT easily and not only that I found out in the end that my insurance premium for the Focus somehow was less than I paid for my Aygo insurance a month or so ago, lol! I look forward to still coming on here now and then and seeing how everyone is getting on with there Aygo's, old and new members, have fun! Also I still have a few spares from the Aygo if anyone needs things (pm if so), have the following: - 4 x Original steel wheels (2 are averaging the legal limite so doubt anyone will want those, but the other 2 are averaging 4-5mm) - Original gear knob (MMT/Auto one) - Original Aerial - Original front speakers - Original front and rear wipers Think thats everything
  5. Did the servicing myself personally, the first few years are pretty simple, oil change, filter change and mainly checks No where near worth the price a garage would want to service it
  6. Like Darth say, easy to fit, just the 2 screws. Just make sure you dont over tighten them as you will risk splitting the plastic
  7. Haha, so great you're swapping yours for a Focus ;) Lol ive already said :P had it 2 years now and need a change! Not only that I dont do much driving around town, most of the time im on motorways which is where the Aygo lacks in power, not only that but refinement aswell
  8. V nice! have to say im warming to those new rear lights. Still not a fan of the front facelift tho, old one was better imo. Shame they never did the first Aygo in that blue, I like it alot Have fun with it, is a great little nippy car :)
  9. Zaaro


    Yea, totally normal if its just going down a bit
  10. lol, oh that explains it then!
  11. its 3 if i remember correctly yea ive already had that novelty lol. wait until after the 3 years tho when things go wrong
  12. Nah, its not gone thro yet, it will fail though as I noticed split wipers haha Had delays getting the free 7 day insurance for it from norwich union so given the fact I can only leave at half 3 (after work) and the journey takes nearly 2 hrs, depending on traffic so would have been cutting it a bit fine
  13. Its a mk1, dont like the shape of the mk2, looks 'bulky' Picking up tomorrow now also, got delayed ¬_¬ On the bright side tho, another day with the Aygo :)
  14. Yea it had been for me until a month or 2 ago, just needed the change i suppose. Anyway, the Aygo will be gone monday! Did a straight trade for an silver 05 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec yesterday Picking up monday though as they need to mot and tax it, cant believe the little Aygo wont be on the drive anymore after monday :(
  15. Thanks again for the info guys Yea Chris, I did look at the Yaris, decisions decisions lol
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