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  1. There was another factory shut down just after mine was made, so that have effected yours.
  2. Ordered a Excel, no extras, HEV a couple of weeks before you and got it a few weeks ago.
  3. Ordered it 1st November with no optional extras, just standard Excel HEV
  4. Just been told I can pick up my Rav4 Excel on Tuesday, which is perfect timing as I'm driving to France that week, be s nice drive to break it in.
  5. Ordered mine (Excel) End of October, got a current date of the 11th April. But had all kind of dates given going back and forth from February 22 to June 22. I'm now a t point of "it'll turn up when it turns up".
  6. Had another update on my RAV4, originally order beginning of Nov, was told mid Feb originally, with the factory shut downs went out to End June and now just had an update and it is due mid-April. Wait and see what they say next month, just resigned to the fact it'll be here when it gets here.
  7. Looks like a few cars are coming through now. Ordered my RAV4 Excel 2WD beginning of Nov, was due in 1st of Feb, got told last week it will now be 14th June, some delay there Don't really mind the delay its more the timing, surely they know more than weeks away when the delivery is going to be.
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