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    Hybrid MPG

    Agree Tony about the Plug Ins being able to store more re gen that HEVs miss out on. Having had a Lexus HEV before this I noted how often it filled its little battery too soon.
  2. NASY


    Easy repair, vac blast, that's a confined and targeted grit blast which will absolutely remove corrosion, then usual painting process. You should be confident that will be it.
  3. NASY

    Hybrid MPG

    Just ran my battery down on a long run home and decided it was a good time to try a petrol run. So I drove the 5 miles downhill to my local Coop and 5 miles back uphill and I admit to being light of right foot but not crawling - 56mpg. I was hoping for 40 plus.
  4. Interesting that different markets still get different spec cars. I remember the market in UK had a taste for higher specs than mainland Europe, German farmers preferred their Mercs with plastic seats, UK liked leather. I can well understand regional differences in taste however I fail to understand why people in some cold countries are presumed to like cold hands, no heated steering wheel, also why is it assumed people in the US are not very good at reversing effectively to hitch a trailer whereas in the UK people are so good at it they don't need a helicopter view camera system.
  5. Looks awful, I'd better stop complaining about my Cruz bars which look better than those.
  6. So tips on remaining patient, hope they help, it's the process I went through:- 1. Keep reading reviews and watching videos of your chosen model 2. Keep wondering if it really is the right car you've chosen after all, look at other specs you don't want and wonder if you really needed all those options 3. Read reviews on competitors offerings and hope they come out poorly 4. Disregard all the reviews by journalists if they don't tell you what you want to hear, what do they know about what you want 5. Keep reading on this forum about the real experiences and thoughts from owners 6. Reassure yourself that you probably did all your homework before deciding to order your car and you were right all along. Steps 1 to 5 were just a diversion and a complete waste of time, which was convenient as suddenly now your car is almost at your door.
  7. The battery pack swap was something I worked up as an idea in I think 2006. The loading of a battery pack is not unlike the operation of loading ordinance or other stores onto a fast jet. True there needs to be some industry standard in fitment and health monitoring for the components. As for battery ownership I think it works best if the car owner subscribes to access to batteries rather than outright ownership, meaning the onus on quality is on the service provider. Makes more sense to me to have to subscribe for energy than just an option like a heated seat.
  8. Philip, totally agree with your comments. I don't know how the rules are set up so they are so obviously require fixing but I suspect it is similar to the issues around green energy. No engineer would design a system of electricity production without at the same time dealing with the issue of storage and distribution but somehow that's where we get to. Must be some non-tech's pulling the strings.
  9. Colin, the additional costs were for the following:- £145 for the earth bonding required £70 for additional cable required and £160 for an engineer assist Earth bonding was to external oil feed pipe.
  10. Just cancelled my BG install as the quoted £0 fee which I eventually signed up to came back as over £400 of additional costs. I'll stick with charging by smart cable from three pin plug which seems perfectly fine.
  11. Funny how we see things so differently. I see the BEV as a compromise vehicle, where only one source of power is available, a bit like not having a wood burner in an otherwise centrally heated house, sounds pretty fragile and like a compromise house. Sure I travel on electricity but I'm carrying a backup or contingency in an alternative source system, kind of the best of worlds really.
  12. The improvement I'd like to see is probably a bit retro but I like to operate the touch screen without touching it. So a wheel between the seats would be nice. I do find myself using voice commands too to get tunes from Spotify, sometimes it's worth a listen to the random misheard selections offered to broaden horizons.
  13. Nick, I have just used some petrol on a trip from Dundee up through Glenshee and past the Lecht all mountainous/hilly and twisty roads. 55 mpg as I arrived home, so I must be using a very light right foot I guess.
  14. Am I missing something here? I thought we were being encouraged to save the planet by using electric cars, not saving money. I do see the long term cost of electricity coming down once it is no longer pegged to gas, we have a huge amount of wind power which once we sort out some more storage should mostly do the trick. I am just talking about Scotland here of course, England obviously has different challenges.
  15. Warning, colour TV and water should be kept well apart.
  16. Philip, the cows are all the same actually, it's a process used called dyeing, not like losing one's life but changing one's colour after death. The cows don't feel a thing once dead and the process used to produce whichever colour required doesn't greatly impact on the duration of the post mortem process. Rest assured the cow that delivered your seating would be no more concerned whether it ended up black, brown or beige - though let's face it nothing on this planet ever want's to identify with beige.
  17. I didn't ask for charge or fuel, basically as I was just out to buy a car however it was charged up and fuelled to 40 per cent. I guess it's down to the people you deal with at the dealer and whether they really want you back, it's really nothing to ask to be treated well when you spend money buying stuff that the sellers literally rely on to provide them with an income. Strikes me there should be no doubt as a minimum standard should be set by the retail industry really not that difficult. Call for consumers to organise.
  18. My seat cooling is really good, I use it mostly on setting 1 unless it's hot at the start of a journey. You may find it helpful to lean back in the seat with your upper body and try shifting your thigh positioning sometimes to benefit more fully. I can assure you my seat is nice and cool and I prefer to use it to maintain a comfortable temperature than further cooling the whole cabin.
  19. Mike, thanks for your thoughts. I will go ahead with it.
  20. I had a BG survey for my free charger which came back with a £400 charge for extras, bit of bonding and some current monitoring trick item. I decided not worth the money, asked Toyota if they would cover the extra cost who said no. Now just had a quote back from BG saying £0 for the installation. Not sure what to do now as I have become used to 3 pin charging, which never seems to take that long really as it happens when I wasn't going anywhere in the car anyway.
  21. I speak for my reflected image in the most beautiful water of life, only ever visited by me.
  22. A lot of things to consider but I side with Cyker as basically the rules of the road can be changed, promulgated and then responsible motorists will comply. I need to know that I have a license because it validates trust, if we lose trust in each other we might as well live somewhere predating civilisation, is that Putin's Russia maybe.
  23. Phillip, great news and welcome to probably the most satisfied group of owners of any product out there. The PHEV Rav4 does really deliver and doesn't shout about it, no cruising the streets for admiring glances, as per latest Audi adverts, not a car for a narcissist I'm afraid.
  24. Probably moths in my petrol flap as it never gets opened
  25. Re the naming of the 'Granny Cable', I thought it was so named like granny parking was ie minimise the hassle and seek out the easiest solution as you're wise enough to recognise that making life difficult for yourself is just part of growing up.
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