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  1. Which year was your car manufacturered? If you have the new MY22 system then share to car hasn’t been released yet for this system
  2. I have the same car and the same message, the next feature when I asked Toyota will be share to car. We won’t be getting a lot of the features in the Yaris Cross and Argo x unfortunately, I think they will come with MY23 models.
  3. My T used to work well, recently it misses trips, now it hasn’t even recorded where the car is, so find my car is completely wrong.
  4. Installed on Corolla, didn’t fix iPhone profile not loading issue though
  5. This is a known issue but silence from Toyota, it only happens with iPhones and only affects loading the profile, CarPlay should still work wirelessly. Either type in your password to load the profile or if you can live with it run in guest mode until there is a fix
  6. I’ve had a 1.8 Auris and Corolla GRSport, changed to 2l GRSport, wow, gone from 122hp to 184, for 5mpg, no contest, go for 2l, I got a spare wheel as standard too. I’ve switched to CarPlay , wireless, so much better than android and I’d used that for a decade
  7. My dealer said there is a known fault with iPhones, CarPlay is fine but profiles don’t auto load, you can type in your password on the head unit but an update is due to fix the profile issue, android isn’t affected
  8. I have a reply from Toyota UK, they say the send to car feature will be available in Q3. No wonder I couldn't find it. The navigation they say also uses the best route or determines, you can set avoid certain type of road but no fastest, scenic, eco as in previous system, however, I have found a fastest option.
  9. The new hardware is faster, yes u can opt for android or apple, but I use the car satnav while music is on android. I think the new software gets updated over the air when the old didn't
  10. I was OK with the 2019 version, this is the 2022 new version hardware, only out since about Feb, its different, much faster, I was just missing the manual which others said is downloadable
  11. I was OK with the 2019 version, this is the 2022 new version hardware, only out since about Feb, its different, much faster, I was just missing the manual which others said is downloadable
  12. I'll go and download it, that's partly why I'm struggling
  13. Hi, I did a trip with the new navigation system the other day, my22 system, it appears to default to the shortest route but there is no option to select fastest route or stay on main roads. It tried to take me down narrow lanes away from A roads the previous system would've used, I wonder if this product is unfinished, I didn't get speed camera warnings either. At this rate, I'll be to use navigation in Android Auto but that loses the head up display navigation info so not really ideal I can't find the share to car feature either, I thought I'd try to set my route that way, but I haven't got it. Should I have a separate multimedia handbook? It only came with a section in the main handbook
  14. That sounds like a toyota media response. It's BS, ask your dealer, ask toyota uk, they will not be adding many features. Id love to know how you have used a wake word, my dealer confirmed you can't and never will
  15. I think you will find most of the connected services and smart services aren't available on the new Corolla my22, remote actions don't exist, you can't control anything. Wake up words aren't available, you need to press a button. Often profiles don't load, I can't even find how to link a profile to a key fob. Android auto used to accept on Google as a wake up word in my 2 year old corolla but this new one doesn't do it. Map updates don't work, says error contact dealer, I could go on... To be honest, I don't think this product is ready for realease, what's worse, toyota talk about all the features but have no intention of providing them in cars released this year apart from a couple of models, misleading....
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