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  1. I don't know whether it does or not? It has just been my experience with other brands, where there is 'price protection' from price rises between vehicle order and delivery. If Toyota are more flexible, that will be a bonus.
  2. Well, I have had another e-mail from my dealer and it appears that I was right and the car has not yet been built and will certainly not be being delivered in August / September as was suggested in their recent e-mail. The latest e-mail is giving November as the anticipated delivery date. Incidentally, I wonder what will happen if it doesn't get here until December. As I understand it, you have to take delivery as soon as the car is ready for collection at the dealer but I will be out of the country for a month...
  3. The order went in during mid-February.
  4. Well, a bit of a surprise this afternoon - I've had an e-mail from my dealer to say that my PHEV will be delivered in August (exactly as first advised). They are going to get back to me with an update with a more concrete date but it comes completely out of the blue, as both the MyT App and the Toyota website are still saying ’Processing Order’!
  5. Is the interior lighting not LED on the PHEV now anyway? I did think that the filament bulbs of my test car were rather dull and very yellow.
  6. Strangely, I had a text message from a random mobile number recently that stated that 'Local Heroes' had asked a contractor "to carry out important inspections on recent works". The whole thing looked so like a scam that I was in two minds about responding. Anyway, whilst they didn't say as much, it appears that BG have paid a third-party to inspect some fairly recent installations to check that it has all been done correctly, the certificates issued and buildings control informed. It doesn't inspire confidence...
  7. I have not got my car yet and so I haven't had the chance to use my wall charger. However, the installers fitted a Matt:e box as part of the installation and said that this, as well as being an RCD, would prevent the charger from operating if the voltage at the wall charger was outside the range of 207v-253v. The Matt:e box is not part of the wall charger itself, so it actually disconnects if it detects a lower incoming voltage of 216v. The incoming voltage is unlikely to be higher but could well be lower than that if you and / or your neighbours are putting enough load on the system to drag the voltage down. In addition, it also detects your whole house load and, again, it will disconnect the wall charger if your total consumption is above a set threshold (60A, 80A or 100A depending on the installation). I would assume that in the above scenarios, the LED on the wall charger itself would just go blank. However, it could be that you may still get the blue light showing, so this could be a possible explanation. If it happens again, take a look at the LED on the Matt:e box itself and see if it is showing a fault.
  8. That sounds like very good mpg, considering all the hills and twisty lanes! Without recharging, that's clearly what the car can manage in hybrid driving alone too.
  9. What sort of mpg around the little lanes? I'm up here at the moment too, with a DofE group but in a minibus - not quite the same!
  10. That's what I'm worried about - I'd rather not lose all the Premium features, even if it does get the newer dash and stereo. On the other hand, if they were to build me a MY23 car with the old Dynamic Premium spec, I'd be very happy 😁
  11. They talk about the third quarter being the implementation time. Traditionally, European manufacturers updated their model year after the August shutdown. Presumably that doesn't apply in Japan, so when do new model years generally come into production with Toyota? It would be an irony if I had to wait for an extended lead time to delivery but still miss the MY23 updates! Incidentally, when they transition to the new model year, would they still build my car as a Dynamic Premium, being that this model has now been dropped from the order system? Likewise the colour - if they are introducing a new colour, they are likely dropping another. Hopefully, they are not dropping Scarlet Flare Red (a colour!) for yet another monochrome option (I've had lots of them and want a change)...
  12. Presumably, the car will at least be in build by now if it is to be ready for delivery by mid-September. As it is a lease vehicle, I take it that you don't have access to the order details via MyT to confirm this? My PHEV was also estimated for a September delivery but it is still showing as 'Processing Order', so I doubt that that is now a realistic proposition. I am going to be passing my dealer's showroom tomorrow, so I plan to drop in and see if they have any update.
  13. I had the same information from my dealer a couple of days ago. Assuming that it is approximately twelve weeks from build to delivery, would the expected build date not have be before July? Do I take it, then, that there will be very little time between going from Processing Order to actually building the car?
  14. That's a comprehensive breakdown of the process! Does the system show a scheduled build date at some point, though, or does it just go from 'Processing Order' to 'Build in Progress'? If it does show a scheduled build date, how far ahead does that appear?
  15. I'd have been surprised if they could have met the original estimated delivery date as it was, with all the disruption and supply issues. All that has only got worse since my order was placed, so I won't be holding my breath. I'm not going to stress over it, though, and will just look forward to taking delivery as and when they can get it to me.
  16. I had a call from my dealer yesterday to say that their estimate for my PHEV was still for a September delivery (ordered in mid-February). I've no way of knowing if that's got any basis in fact but at least it is encouraging that it doesn't seem to have got pushed back from their original estimate.
  17. When did you order it, may I ask?
  18. It is interesting to note that, from the December 2021 price list to the current May 2022 one, the PHEV Dynamic Premium (the car that I have ordered) has increased by £1,380 but the HEV Excel AWD (which was my other potential choice) has increased by a whopping £3,905. Make sense of that!
  19. Thank you for all the replies - I have downloaded one now via the link that Alan posted but I still can't get anything via Toyota's own website, which is strange. Maybe I need to update my version or Chrome or use a different browser altogether?
  20. Thanks Alan - that got me to the price list, although it's obviously not via Toyota's own website! Thanks also Philip but the Toyota site still just gives me a pop-up page giving links to Beyond Zero, Careers and Corolla Cross! Perhaps Toyota are just too embarrassed to tell anyone how much their new cars now cost?!?!
  21. Centaur

    Tyre Advice

    Interesting what Firecycle has been saying. I'd imagine that anything very much below the recommended setting would be a potential problem as under-inflated tyres are clearly going to affect a car's handling. Indeed, by the time that they look like they may need a bit of air by visual inspection alone, they are likely to be getting down towards just 10-15psi. Going a bit above would seem to be less of an issue, as the handbook usually specifies a higher pressure for carrying heavy loads or for travelling at sustained high speeds. I used to tow heavy loads, so I generally used to keep my pressures on the upper setting, even when not towing. As long as the pressures aren't materially above the upper pressure recommendation, can this really be seen to be an issue? If it can, please let us know!!!
  22. Centaur

    Roof bars?

    It's quite likely that any brand of square bar will fit but I'd just measure the section of the bars that you have got and give them a call. I've used them for roof bars and roof boxes in the past and found that they are very helpful over the phone. I have a pair of WhispBars for my current Land Rover, one of which is the same size as the one specified for the RAV4. Hopefully, I can just buy the appropriate foot pack but I will call them to confirm when I get closer to delivery.
  23. I can no longer seem to find a price list anywhere on the Toyota website. Following all the usual links just seems to take me to some random marketing page? Any suggestions?
  24. To be fair to Toyota, the road tax situation is spelled out on page 3 of the price list, although they don't specifically say what happens if there is a price rise between order and delivery. However, the Chancellor could change VED rates in the budget anyway and blow all those figures out of the water. Indeed, he could change the rate of VAT, which could significantly increase the price of the car to the buyer (regardless of price protection) and also possibly tip it over the £40k threshold and incur the additional VED too - tax on tax, effectively! Incidentally, it would be difficult for the Revenue to administer and there would be too much scope for fraud, if the VED were to be based on the price paid, rather than the list price, or the date of order, rather than the date of first registration. For similar reasons, benefit-in-kind taxation for company cars has always worked in exactly the same way.
  25. Centaur

    Road Tax

    There seems to be some confusion here that VED has got something to do with saving the planet. It hasn't, it's just another tax. Politicians love the term 'green taxes', as it makes it look like they are doing something and somehow justifies raising one tax or another. The reality is that they are spending far more money than they ever raise in taxes, so they constantly need to find new and inventive ways of increasing revenue. That's always going to be unpopular, so dressing it up as 'green' deflects criticism and can be defended as being 'voluntary'. As can be seen from some of the comments above, it does work rather well for the politicians - rather than their being presented with a unified chorus of objection, everyone gets distracted with arguments about the 'green' bit and whether or not it's 'fair'. Our attention would be better spent on scrutinising how the money is spent and maximising the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of that spending. Just an observation....
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