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  1. I chose solid white for 3 reasons. It matches our Yaris, I think the Corolla looks good in it and most importantly it saves £15 a month on the PCP!!!
  2. https://www.isabella.net/uk/trailer-tents/north/come-inside
  3. With an unbraked trailer the tow weight is the same as a Corolla. A Design so no sensors. With small trailers you don’t reverse with them attached, they jackknife too easily, you just unhook and push.
  4. Owing to the Corolla not being ready yet we have a tow bar on both cars. Will also be used to even out the mileage between both cars. No point in a car being serviced on time and low mileage!!
  5. Who says a Yaris can’t be a tow car
  6. Agreed, the Excel hatch and all touring sport models get the extra USB and the rear passenger vents.
  7. I thought Toyota put a hold on ghost orders. When we got our Yaris in September, a car that was in dealer stock, if the car wasn't sold in September, Toyota were recalling to central stock. My guess is the delays could be for lease cars as the discounts are sometimes higher so they might be a lower priority.
  8. Scary thing is when I ordered mine early February the list price was £27345. It is now £28855!! That’s a bit of a jump & no 0% finance either.
  9. Mine is now registered, waiting to have tow bar fitted and I am collecting it 2/7/22
  10. The Yaris has Cross Climate 2 tyres and it is quieter than the Continental Contacts it came with from the factory.
  11. Our mk4 in white especially with the Tokyo Fusion front and rear stripes looks like a training shoe and I really like it. The light colour makes all the curves stand out.
  12. I can only assume logistics needing certain number of cars going to same area. Either that or post manufacture remedial work 😬
  13. I can picture the rest, trying to picture a 6. Time to visit google!!! Ah looks like a posher Renault 4, is it similar to the 2CV, Citroen Ami pair?
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