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  1. Dang :( Was over in the US in Feb/March and saw a few Tundras with the massive 5.7 V8 in them :D Sounds VERY tasty with a bit of stainless expelling the exhaust gases :D Monsters aswell :D im looking into importing a Tacoma, and if i can push to it a Tundra in the new year
  2. for race car...yes race car...ok Race truck project no need for engine, electrics, or seats must have good chassis, and rolling, condition of wings, not important, and rusty bed is ok preferably mk3.....
  3. yup, as siad prop uj... had to change a couple of mine for the same reason, also have a look at the rear gearbox mount, mine had broken, and i think this was the cause of the ujs failing
  4. arnt all surfs imported, in which case it wont have a manufacturers plate was the ifor williams a commercial trailer, and was it laden
  5. indeed...these are the positive things that we should be aiming for.... :D
  6. Toyota has stopped production of the Tundra, and Tacoma in the US untill late October, and laid off 1,000 workers
  7. ok, go over to loc...join up, and ask there opinion of JAE, no one will mention anything about TOC in a negative way now, look through the past reports from previous JAE, on TOC, and see if you can see a common whinge........ the number of members attending from TOC has dwindled over the years due to the bickering on TOC, LOC has always made an effort to include TOC, not just JAE........ its a shame that SOME TOC members feel as though there is a ground that cant be crossed between the 2 clubs. TOC grew out of the efforts myself and steve, put into Building LOC we have already made the decision, next year TOC will have its own stand.! we are **** fed up with the moaning....
  8. Wow - that is very uncalled for :o We were asked to post our thoughts about the new jae location and show - we posted honestly and openly and there have been mixed reactions -bad and good, as far as i can see you are the only one kicking off and moaning and making it personal - totally unnecessary its personal yes....why every year, either myself, steve or some one else from LOC...makes an effort to try and make the clubs unite, and every year all we get is negative feedback from TOC knocking the members of LOC...its all very negative from one source, and in one direction
  9. well.....how much effort did you make to get to know LOC members..... or do the loc members have to make the first move... common how childish does it sound "they didnt talk to me.....so i didnt talk to them...."
  10. and i post because i am utterly astounded that people still try and levy some kind of issue against LOC members, you will not see a single word of complaint againt TOC over on LOC, but ...praise for what a good weekend it was....for everyone im even more sorry to come to the thoughts that you agree with the the members of TOC, from what ive heard, you also did make a great effort to speak with LOC members im concerned that you feel that LOC members are the way that is being portrayed i post because i see through all the **** bull***** that gets posted on this forum, and come to say get your head out your asses, there only ever seems to be moaning and whining from TOC after JAE, infact TOC in general is always moaning about things...get a grip, and start working together. Despite that, it was still a pleasure meeting some new faces (to me) among the Lexus owners especially Mrs Mole (think I might have diabetes now ) Les why defend people...they have a forum to voice there thoughts. you say a two way thing, i said that twice in the previous post.......... as a side note, LOC had US servicemen arrive for there first JAE, knew no one, but they managed to mingle....and comment on how reclusive the TOC lot were!! i hadnt seen the picture before, but im sure it was a joke whoever posted it, and it sums up ubik all....only what you want it to sum up in your head. there is no reaction between the clubs other than what is Created by TOC members, always has been...and with the general attitude of some TOC members, always will be
  11. well i wasn't able to make it this year....... gutted but again im saddened to see the issues, which only ever seem to be brought up on TOC has anyone considered the fact getting to know people is a 2 way street, i can assure you, that no LOC member even considers themselves aloof to TOC, and i find it amazing that anyone would ever think that....almost childish having been to every JAE since TOC and LOC was formed, every single time the 2 clubs are put together someone from TOC will say, " oh those LOC lot don't like us, they look down on Toyota". what utter **** rubbish. someone said, "they (LOC) didnt come down to US on the Sofa." erm....so you was separating yourself, by positioning yourself away from the center, of the people someone said "they just looked at me...as i walked past" erm, if they didn't know you, what do you expect them to do....could be anyone, getting to know someone is a 2 way street.......make the effort and reap the rewards and get out you heads that there is a divide, the only divide is the one which over subsequent JAE, you are letting fester in your minds
  12. yup, shouid be able to, let me know as i am seriously considering importing a Tacoma from the US
  13. £10 plus the postage, drop me a pm with your address, and ill get them in the post
  14. personally i would sell the spring you have, in reality you should fit identical springs...as you may not find another from the same manufacturer the bush set i have replaces all the bushes in the springs, and the ones that are in the chassis rail where the shackles go through it
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