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  1. flip

    regrid Crank

    hi there, does any one know where I would go to get my Crank regrinded, with main shells, and big end parts? Thanks in advenace,
  2. flip


    I can't deside! My big ends gone and I now can not deside whether to sort it or sell her for what I can get. It went 2 months ago and I broiught an engine, had it put in and the big end had gone on that one as well!! The car is 91T lower, K&Ns7i, mongoose exsaust, great condition. I have so far spent £700 since the engine went and have got no where! so what do I do, keep spending, or bite the bullet and sell.
  3. Thanks, I'll give them a try.
  4. Well after my 'big end' going a few months back, I finally found an engine, then had to wait for enine mounts, so by last Friday I was more than eger to get my beloved back. I get a call from my garage to say the enine I put in, has its big end gone worse than mine was. The guy I brought from is going to give me my money back. But now I' £650.00 down in labour and parts, and still with out an engine. I'm looking for an engine for a MK3 1990-91 Turbo (Manual) Please help.
  5. Has any one got a set of engine mounts for a MK III supra 1990-1991. They are the round ones as apose to square. Help need asap. Or does any one know if you can use the square ones inplace of the round ones. Thanks in advance
  6. HELP. I am in need of a engine for my MKIII Supra, 3ltr Turbo 1990. Any one know where Ican Find one.
  7. flip

    Just crashed!!

    Just lost the back end, big time. I was coming of a round about. I was late for work, (about an hour to be exact) As I put my foot down, out goes the back, I spin round sliding backwards, up the curb and down a sodding bank into a ditch. Luckily missing 2 trees and the large gas cylinder that supplies the pub. Scared the living sh*t out of me. So I get out of the car, on the passenger side, due to a 10 foot drop on my side. A couple come up and check if I'm okay. They leave, and some idiot pulls up and asks me for directions!!!! WTF. A kind guy in a Landover pulled up and pulled me out. And supplied me with cigarettes to settle the shakes. The car is fine. Not a scratch, thank god. And you know what they say about it happens in slow mention. Their right. It felt like I was spinning for 10 minutes. But the main thing is I'm okay and the Sup's ok.
  8. Hi guys, Been a while since I last went under the bonnet. I may never have notised before, but does the engine sit at a slight angle. Let me explain. When I look at her head, the the leftside of the engine seams to be a little lower than the right. Does that meke sence. Gotta say I'm scared of the answer on this one.:( Thanks in advance
  9. Great to see that Toyota have such a big market in the UK for MPV's. LOL:D
  10. I work selling IT software. We get rewards for salesman of the month. if you get 2 in a row you get something 'special'. Last quarter I got Zorbing ( http://www.zorb.com/ ) which I'm doing next month, can't wait. Then they just came in a presented me with a day at Brands in an Audi TT quattro, then into a Audio powerd state of the art single seater (what ever the hell that is) How f**king cool is that. I've always wanted to go round a track in someone else car. I feel like a kid at Christmas.
  11. Come on we all have names for our cars. just wondering what names you have and why. Mine is 'Darlin' when I'm sweet talking her. And !Removed! when she plays up or when I'm giving her a good hard thrash.(oh er)
  12. I want a go. Now all I need is a Ferrari, £2500, another bank load for the petrol. A quote about the cannon ball run. ""Appeals to the sort of person who can afford to view a flaming ferrari upside in a ditch as a tax write-off rather than a tragic loss . . . " LOL
  13. Just found out last night a very good freind passed away at the weekend. The dreaded Cancer got hold of her a few years ago. She kept pulling back, but lost the battle in the end. The !Removed! about it is she was only 37. Must say we're all feeling a bit robbed. She was one of thoes that would be there, listen, never ***** any one of. An all round great pearson. Don't want to get every one down. I'm acually quite philosophical about death. Its one of thoes things that is going to happen, its more the shock and getting used to the fact that your not going to see that someone again. Any way, big thoughts going to Karen.
  14. I'm in love. Since the exsaust was fitted I haven't had my stereo on. Tee Hee. I has made a big difrance after about 3000rpm, she really picks up quicker. Kinda weird, being used to you car, then putting a new exsaust on, and suddenly your gear changes are happening a lot quicker. Very happy with it. Seats are being recoverd at the weekend. Can't wait. then after that........................ (Don't know yet, but thinking BoostControler)
  15. flip

    DieCast Models

    Can't find one. I've found a model kit, you know like the AirFix most of us had as a kid. I tempted, very tempted.:P
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