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  1. I was trying to remember who was "the first" on here to do that... And they did it very well... Also trying to remember who was promising us something with some pods... *shrug*
  2. i saw an alcantare (or however the damn things spelt) in like a race-look black that looked quite smart... I'll have a look for a pic :edit: After having a look around properly it would only work if you had it completely stripped down to the metal style... My kinda car really... have you considered painting it to match the cars colour in the centre console?
  3. Think two 180's at about 25... My friend owns a farm with a big ***** concrete plot... Put some cones down and tried a little advanced driving... Think i crushed 3...
  4. Power caps only supply power for approx 2 seconds at a time. It's an extra cap on power. See where they get their name? I was only saying that my sub and amp (1000+Watts) is absolutely fine. You buy a big hi-fi. You buy a big battery. power caps just help peaks.
  5. I saw one on the back of a lorry at a services... think citreon picasso breeding with p1
  6. I was retraining myself but I've given up... Number 1, This forum site is more like a family than anything else, everyone helping to help out everyone else. you bounce along and demand assistance without so much as an introduction. Number 2, Bragging about being 17 and having a second car that's a 1.5 means i deduce two things. First off, you wrote of the first one. Secondly, seeing as it sound's like you mop floors it macdonalds, i have no alternative but to think that actually it's your mummy and daddy paying for your insurance. Which by the way, if you do supercharge it, will be at least half what you paid for the car. Number 3, Learn to spell, and type. i'm not normally one to be too bothered by these things, but the lack of punctuation means it's barely legible, and I still will never understand text talk on a computer. Number 4, Your hostile outbursts, which so for account for about half your posts, and completely un-reasonable. your angry for no reason, and i still believe you only apologised as you realised you were losing, and probabally need more help than anyone else on here, and didn't want to risk your selfish wims being un-heard. Number 5, It's "of" not "off"
  7. lmfao @ cmarshall I still swear goldie 'aint using real words...
  8. Same here... 1.0 Already planning the move to a 1.3 for next summer though
  9. Funnily enough if you look at the fineprint on the halfords site/brochure, it says there are certain models they dont cover. Guess whats under toyota? :)
  10. Thanks for everyones help, and I've done a little research (both on the computer and on the road) and it really really doesn't. (Proved by the 360 4 wheel slide) PS Yaris is !Removed! good laugh round some cones, if a little underpowered (Bless it's little one litre lump) I'll just have to plant the foot a little more sensitively.
  11. It just doesn;t seem like it has it... I was told it did... I'd also thought all GS' come with abs?
  12. Not that i can feel no. I'm off to work now, so i'll give it another try on the way... Sorry wood, i'll give you a PM when I get back
  13. To be honest i'm not really complaing.. I casually mentioned it to my dad and he got a bit concerned... I dont mind as i've discovered j-turns and peak-steer ;)
  14. yeah i know the feeling from other cars, but it aint happening..... Notabally on the rear though
  15. All i need to know, was how does the ABS work on the lil Yari? After sliding my car completely sideways, i decided there is no ABS on the rear wheels... (Something to do with the fact that they're drums?) As the front are more prone to sliding due to weight transfer, i assume the front is working, but i can't feel any of the usual ABS juddering that i was used to in other cars... Any help?
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